Cheers Compete for Their Teams on Fanatik Marşlar

fanatik-marslar1Fanatik Marşlar (Fanatic Cheers) offers a fun platform for content sharing where its users post lyrics, video and songs of cheers of their fav teams. The initiative ranks and categorizes the posted cheers.

Fanatik Marşlar is a personal initiative of Mustafa Ozyurt who has been working as Software Developer at MYK Medya. The works for the service are ongoing, but we could say it is still usable.

The service provides profile pages to its users who are listed on a leadership table and included in the competition on sending cheers. Users can also rate the cheers on the system where there are cheer categories such as fun, nostalgic and +18. The category is offered with the motto “If you think you are fanatic enough, this is the place for you” but luckily no one has sent content for this one.


Although it seems that it is not possible for the service to create an earnings model, I think it can be also provided with features such as downloading mobile content after a while. But of course it needs to strengthen its popularity and catch a serious level of user population with unique features.

Fanatik Marşlar attracted our interest as it is outside the typical initiatives we are used to seeing and it will be fun for football fans even with this version. In addition, the service includes cheers of foreign teams alongside Turkish teams.

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