Sevenload Likes Turkish Market!

sevenload_logoThere are some important developments going on recently in sevenload, which is known as a video service in Turkey, though it considers itself a social network. Sevenload has shown a rapid growth in particularly Turkish market, and is improving itself by not only original content, but also video advertising with the contracts it has signed.

The company has lost its father when the founder Ibrahim Evsan left the board of members and focused on a new online gaming project. We have learned that sevenload lays importance to Turkish market after Germany. Not being sure how certain they are, Alexa data say that sevenload ranking for Turkey is above German ranking and is going up constantly.

The company is continuing its work on in-video advertising in terms of creating income in Turkey, and for ads that can be shown in, before or after videos, it has signed contract with Reklamz. It is predicted that nearly 1 billion videos are viewed online per month in Turkey. Therefore, we believe that video advertising on the Internet will be much more popular and have a more significant place in the market in the coming periods. In this sense, we know that Reklamz has included UzmanTV and Timsah to its broadcast network with sevenload.


Turkish people have got to use to watching TV series on the Internet as illegal copies of series are uploaded to video sharing websites. Sevenload has signed under contracts with broadcasting companies and is continuing its work to bring TV series and shows to the Internet. For now there are 7 series on Dizi kanalı (Series Channel) and there are more on the way in the coming days. We believe that the model that lets user watch series on a paid basis (or via mobile payment) rather than series websites full of harmful software, broadcasting illegal materials will be popular among TV lovers and users.

Sevenload has made a deal with TubeMogul in order to create extra income besides its main business and started to provide a service, Viral Seeding, as they call it. Viral Seeding service is a mediator for viral videos to be broadcasted through different channels and is one of the most demanded types of digital marketing. In this service, sevenload makes it possible to distribute viral videos on social networks, contractual video websites, forums and related websites. Then sevenload prepares a report for the customer with the information of how much it is watched on which website using TubeMogul’s stats service. It seems to be a useful service as it shows the impact and reflections of viral campaigns on the Internet to the customers.

Ibrahim-Evsan-Thomas-BachemThe company’s founder, Ibrahim Evsan, quit from the board and started to work in a position on the advisory board. Evsan started his initiative with Thomas Bachem who he had worked together to build infrastructure of sevenload while holding shares of sevenload.

We have received news that Ibraham Evsan has already found the first investors. He says, “Social game projects are the next big thing”. When we consider how far Zynga has gone with the investment it received, it justifies this definition.

There are good developments coming out one after another in sevenload, while users complain about the speed from time to time. The company’s servers are currently in Bulgaria, and it is considering moving the site to Turkey or renting a leased line. There might be a development in this regard in the coming period.

As a last piece of information, one would be correct to share in See. Sevenload’s Turkey operations will be worked out with the coordination of sevenload COO Andreas Heyden, Sales Manager Nilüfer Turgut and Evangelist and Project Manager Erhan Erdogan, who is also one of Webrazzi writers.

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