Fizy Mood is Online for Those Who Doesn’t Want to Search Songs!


Fizy, online music service operating under Reklamz companies group, has released new beta feature. The feature is called Mood, which plays songs for whatever mood you are in, rather than searching the songs you want to listen to at Fizy. You can start the application by choosing one of the moods including nostalgic, calm, moving, melancholy, fun, happy and complicated. We have learned that technical works are continuing, particularly to improve performance.

Fizy runs a basic recommendation engine on the system and it can legally play Turkish with an agreement it signed with MUYAP in September. The service will sign a contract with Sony in October and it is technical studies to include foreign songs to the system.

I believe that with Turkish songs, along with foreign songs, it will catch the capacity of Pandora, especially with Fizy Mood, in the future.

To be honest, I didn’t ask guys from Fizy whether they imitate Pandora or what they think about this vision, but I can say that the new features of the service has reminded me of Pandora, which we used in the past, then was limited outside of the US.

Of course the service will be better as the recommendation algorithm is advanced a bit more and foreign songs are added in short time. However, I consider even this version of Mood a service that can run behind the scenes.
Finally let me say that Fizy Mood is serving on the sponsorship of gnctrkcll. As other advertising models applied on Fizy, gnctrkcll sponsorship doesn’t tire the users out.

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