Emre Kurttepeli Became a Partner of Hocam.com!

The social network Hocam.com, which was founded by Cumhur Onat, then merged with Sinerji İnteraktif, and then parted ways with it a short while ago, has been partners with leading names as we have heard.

Emre Kurttepeli, founder and CEO of MyNet, is one of the names that made invesment and became a Hocam.com partner.

There are other leading names among the partners of new company of Hocam.com, Hocam İnteraktif Hizmetler A.Ş., which has been founded with a capital of 80.000 TRY (approx. $53.500), than Emre Kurttepeli. Other names that have share in the Hocam partnered with Beyaz İnteraktif Hizmetler A.Ş. are as follows: SporX.com partners Hakan Carmikli and İlkan Gokyilmaz, Orhan Goksal, former CEO of Dogan Online and Ugur Basak.

Update: Ilkan Gokyilmaz made a correction regarding the issue. SporX.com partners Hasan Carmikli and Ilkan Gokyilmaz and former CEO of Dogan Online Orhan Goksal and Ugur Basak have left the partnership with Beyaz İnteraktif Hizmetler A.Ş. several weeks ago and now do not participate in Hocam.com initiative by any means.

Emre Kurttepeli has attended the partnership separately from MyNet, and we should consider his company’s partnership with Yonja.com. According to formal records, Hocam.com and Yonja are two different investments, but we will wait and see if there will be a synergy between them.

This partnership established with important names will create a new area for Hocam.com without doubt and it will bring opportunities for the future. We will wait and see what Hocam.com will be able to do in the social networking market in which Facebook is increasing its influence and Twitter is gaining strength.

We are not informed how Cumhur Onat made this sale apart from the capital of the company but we will be sharing the details in the coming days.

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