An Easy and Simple Option to Create Surveys:

jetanket-logo1Founder of popular photo community‘, which was acquired by Nokta A.Ş., Ozan Hazer is working intensively for his new initiative these days. He has carried out his initiative with Batur Orkun, his workmate at Bilkent University. This initiative provides a service making it easier for companies to make online surveys and polls. Ozan Hazer, who is getting ready to become Turkey’s PollDaddy, gave us detailed information on this new initiative,


JetAnket targeted Turkish market at first, but in the future, it will be providing its services globally. The service can be used within certain limits free, and when paid, it offers some advanced options for professional use.

JetAnket offers simple and easy use with its interfaces, and it has caught our attention with its advanced survey options. JetAnket, which I believe is a valuable piece of work in the sense of the important features of its survey editor and technology, has a team that its team proved its availability, JavaScript and DHTML capacity.

For those who do not know, one of the partners of this project, Batur Orkun is the author of “JavaScript, DHTML and CSS for Web Designers” and he was assigned in several global open source projects.


Offering detailed features on creating surveys, JetAnket has considered the fact that distributing a survey and finding the participants for it are as important as creating a survey and this service offers alternative options for particularly sharing.

Users can add the surveys and polls they create on JetAnket their websites and send them easily to their mailing lists. Also, the system is integrated with Facebook, which is another feature that makes sharing easier.  Facebook integration, facilitating the sharing was included in the system as another feature. In the following periods the initiative will be highly focused in Facebook.

JetAnket aims to provide high-level reporting facilities and scientific results to its users; therefore, it plans to add advanced statistical tools such as SPSS to the service over time. In addition, document support will be added to the system in order to support scientific approaches in the process of creating new surveys in the coming period.

If you want to try JetAnket in the beta phase, you can create your surveys with up to 100 responses and 10 questions free, and have a look at higher level options offered in monthly fee packages.

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