UzmanTV Is Not to Confine Itself to the Internet!

uzmantvUzmanTV has implemented important changes in its strategy besides the re-launch it performed in October. With its developments, it will not be right to consider it a mere web initiative, or rather a “video website”. UzmanTV sees itself an Internet television and develops its studies not only on the Internet, but also in mobile and television.

The fact that the website no longer publishes banner ads can be considered the most important indicator of this change. If you visit UzmanTV, you will notice that all of the banner ad areas are removed, because UzmanTV get this operation running by taking ads only before videos.

This method provides information o how many individual visitors has watched the ads, percentage of the viewers and percentage of the ads, or how many people has watched all of the ads, thereby providing user tracking. It caught the attention of agencies and brands and UzmanTV increased its advertising revenues, being a “television” rather than a “website.”


UzmanTV continues to work with 18,500 professional videos they produce themselves with the average length of 1.5 minutes, and has increased the number of its unique visitors that was 1.5 million in 2009 to 3 million by the end of 2009. Ersan Ozer, one of the cofounders of UzmanTV, says that UzmanTV has 10% growth per month. Because of this growth and reached figures, it is now also looking at media beyond the Internet.


Büyütmek için tıklayın

For example, UzmanTV iPhone application, which is under development yet, is an important example of this. All the videos can be converted to Mpeg4 format by the application whose software is at the ongoing process and you can see the screenshots below. With this application, it will be possible to reach all UzmanTV libraries over iPhone and will be available at the beginning of 2010. Additional info: Graffiti Soft develops UzmanTV iPhone application.

Foto Foto2 Foto3 Foto4

Works on the mobile version of UzmanTV for not only iPhone, but also other mobile devices are going on. The mobile version will be run from and is kept open only for the tests available. However, we should underline that at this address a limited number of videos are available. Also, UzmanTV is working with Done for its mobile version.

Another significant info Ersan Ozer gave me is that, after UzmanTV’s integrated with mobile, they are planning to take place on TV’s with Internet connection. On this issue, they are consulting with an industry-leading brand and are working for UzmanTV to come readily on the brand’s new generation televisions with Internet connection. UzmanTV has also begun negotiations for WebTV and IPTV on TTNET side. Ersan Ozer believes that WebTV will be available earlier, and will be on the final stage when they succeed with IPTV and will be in used in homes as a television channel.

I think these works done by UzmanTV has carried Turkish Internet to a different dimension and brought it closer to global applications. As the difference between online and offline users are eliminated, UzmanTV will be more effective and active, so I deem developments that UzmanTV has made important since they will let Internet be available to general public.

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