Ferruh Mavituna’s Security Application “Netsparker” is in the World Market!

mavitunasecurityFerruh Mavituna, known by a wide audience with his web application security blog since 2003, had moved to England some time ago. As a result of finding the investment, Ferruh Mavituna quit the company he was working and founded his own initiative, and  began selling a product of this initiative, Netsparker 2 days ago.

Netsparker is a software that scans and reports security holes of web applications. Ferruh started to develop the product on his own 2.5 years before, and together with a team of 6 people after MavitunaSecurity was founded, he developed and finalized it within 4 months. After testing studies with 500 beta testers from many different countries were carried out for 2 months, the team brought conviction that software is ready. The product will compete with security software giants such as HP (WebInspect) and IBM (AppScan) in the quarter billion dollars sector.


Netsparker can automatically analyze and report the vulnerabilities of a web site, and the first thing it does is to navigate through a site like a normal user. In this process, it runs Javascript / AJAX requests and analyzes, then detects all the points of attack within the website. The application then sends certain requests to the site and gets replies, and according to these analysis, it gives a detailed report of the points in the site which might be vulnerable or create danger.

In addition to the above, Netsparker makes it possible for the users to test these security holes so that the users can see the seriousness and impact of these holes fully. For example, is Netsparker produces a report to the user saying “due to a security hole in the system in the system, it is possible to read the source code of the application”, the user can download the source code of the application and view it using this hole if s/he wants to.

Web security is an important issue that is taken seriously by especially banks and major e-commerce initiatives in our country. However, how many small and medium-sized companies can budget this issue puts a question mark in minds. We are not certain how seriously this issue is taken into consideration by SMEs and even some large companies but we believe that Netsparker is worth exploring as an alternative from our country.


When looking at this issue from the perspective of an entrepreneur, Ferruh, who started to look for investor in Turkey, but believed and it is easier to find investors in England as he leaves there, has provided the support of a significant level of angel investors with the participation of 3 different investors experienced in UK security and telecommunication sectors. Ferruh has experienced what difficulties an entrepreneur might have when looking for investors, and succeeded in it as an entrepreneur himself. So these words from him will catch the attention of Turkish entrepreneurs as it did mine.

“If you have a product in your hands, it is not a question of finding the investors. However, concluding the business investment acquisition takes serious time.”

It is crucial to confront investors with a product whose at least a portion is developed, since it makes the investors take entrepreneurs seriously and, it t makes a great contribution to the entrepreneur’s own self confidence.

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