Internet Industry in 2012 As Mayans Foresaw!

Explanation: Nurettin Özdoğan is cofounder of kariyerGENÇ and the article  has been published on Webrazzi as a guest author.


These days the belief that humans will seize to exist on December 21, 2012 according to Mayans is treated in much spoken movie 2012 and it is believed to come with big disasters.

With the influence of the movie the year 2012 has become the symbol of the future that we are curious about. In an incredibly fast-growing Internet sector, the question “Which areas will be a success in the future?” is asked constantly by internet entrepreneurs. Because we, the internet entrepreneurs, are natural born “Serial entrepreneurs”.

That’s why I want to make a short trip with you and tell you about the areas that will be popular in the Internet industry in 2012.

1) Augmented Reality: This technology is used to function to interpret images of real world physical objects and living creatures in computer environment. According to Now Juniper Research this market is expected to be up to $ 732 million within 5 years. At the moment, companies such as LayarJunaio and Wikitude that develop augmented applications for iPhone and Android phones have caught immense attention.


2) Social Gaming: After Farmville madness on Facebook, attentions were turned to one of the leading players of Social Gaming Zynga. The fact that the company got $15.2 million as investment in the past weeks as Serial B is the most important indicator of this. Again, the acquisition of Playfish by Electronic Arts for $400 million tells us that the future of this market will be so bright. That social networks improve and there are new earning models such as “virtual goods” make Social Gaming very attractive.


3) Online Travel: Internet analysts say that online travel market which is doing well in developed economies, but untouched in Turkey, will be further more competitive in the future. Online travel sector has evolved after the success of online booking sites and Priceline. Now holiday lovers use vacation planning sites such as Tripadvisor, tripit, dopplr, to decide where to go or to find the most appropriate price. It shows that this market will be bright as these websites are supported with mobile applications. One of the world’s largest online travel market research companies, PhoCusWright, forecasts that this market will heat up with technology.

4) Mobile applications: One of the most interesting events I recently observed is that my roommate, who is business development manager in a company, does not open the laptop in the evenings but just surfs the internet from his mobile phone. In my dreams, I see my friends in Silicon Valley saying, “Nurettin, here people are quitting to start Internet startups, most f them are after startups that offer mobile applications”. In an instant, thousands of startups developing applications for iPhone and Android platforms appeared in the world. Today, when you examine the startups that platforms such as Y CombinatorTechcrunch 50 and Seedcamp have chosen, it won’t be hard to see how the number of mobile applications has multiplied.


So, we were talking about the movie, like the slogan on a poster for 2012: “We were warned.”

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  1. r4i software |

    Why do people think 2012 will be the end of the world? I mean what if the Mayans ment that was the end of the way things worked now. Sort of age unlike that of the previous ones. That this new age starting at 2012 will not be a repeat cycle like before. Strange movie idea though.

  2. catfight video |

    Well if the world ends in 2012 we better start to enjoy our time left then 🙂


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