EvimizinHerseyi.com Adds Value to Online Shopping With Content!

evimizinherseyi1Recently we have been hearing of internet projects of female entrepreneurs more. First, I should emphasize that it is a good development for this industry. If you ask why, they are more devoted to their work and are much more disciplined. Although there are similar examples in the world, these are the common features of women internet entrepreneurs in Turkey, which have often attracted my attention.

asli-gokdereThus, I would like to share an initiative that I should have shared a long time ago with you today. In addition to being an e-commerce initiative, EvimizinHerseyi.com actually works as a portal. It is progressing and as surely growing stronger especially with advances in the last period with a team of nine that is managed by Asli Gökdere.

In fact, EvimizinHerseyi.com is a 3-year initiative. It made innovations in 2009 that I wrote an article on by putting the emphasis on its content section and it has firmed its structure working like an online shopping portal. As they had mentioned, they consider content development as e-commerce business and include it in the website’s overall structure.

The initiative now 90.000 members and consists of “Shopping”, “OneDayOneProduct”, “Magazine”, “Contacts” and “House Album” sections.

In “Shopping” section, products on the site are sold as you can guess. In “OneDayOnePrduct” section, a specific product will be sold with a price set for it that day. “Magazine” section works as a blog and promotes interesting products, while providing venue reviews and giving current issues and content appropriate to EvimizinHerseyi.com.


“Contacts” has caught my attention as a different section EvimizinHerseyi.com offers as an e-commerce initiative. In this section, there are companies in different categories suitable to the site’s model such as “Lighting”, “Decoration”, “Kitchen”, and “White Goods” and you can find contact information, as well as sub-pages of companies in this section. Users can directly contact with the companies related to the products and services they need on “Contacts” page.

The section that I liked the most on EvimizinHerseyi.com is “Household Album” which I’ve found the most successful and makes the initiative closer to the new generation culture than classical culture. In this section, members can send photos of their houses in different styles such as “Modern”, “Classic”, or “Bohemian”, and can make comments to the photos, or decoration styles, sent to other members.


This application increases the interaction between members and adds a community structure to classic e-commerce, which reveals the difference of female entrepreneurs as I mentioned at the beginning of writing.
I felt the same spirit in almost all of the initiatives managed by female entrepreneurs I have reviewed until today. These initiatives give their attention to details and make you feel devotion to their work love. EvimizinHerseyi.com already reveals this spirit in the most successful way …

I suggest you take a good look at EvimizinHerseyi.com which is a good example for Webrazzi readers that are  entrepreneurs and a good source for people who are preparing for Christmas shopping.

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