An Overview of Ukrainian Internet and Mobile Market

Explanation: Yusuf İbili develops E-trade projects in Ukraine and Business Development Specialist of The article of his has been published on Webrazzi as a guest author.

Arda Kutsal’s Note: We have decided to give such country files place more frequently on Webrazzi for Turkish internet entrepreneurs to make use of opportunities in global markets and with the contributions of Yusuf İbili, this time we gave our attention to Ukrainian market. We will be repeating market analysis like this in the coming period for different countries.

An Overview of Ukraine

Total population is more than 46 million and female population is at around 26 million. Literacy rate is 99.7% and unemployment at around 2.4%. There is a high percentage of young population. Terms to be a university student are not too heavy and annual fees are low. Official language is Ukrainian. However, almost all of the people also speak Russian. Number of English-speaking people in Ukraine is less than people who speak English in Turkey.
When we look at life in Ukraine, basic needs such as natural gas, electricity, water, food and drink, petrol (gasoline, diesel), etc. costs are very low compared to our country.  Minimum wage determined by the state is 699 UAH (1 TRY = 5.4 UAH), so when you establish your company in Ukraine it is possible to work with workers at lower costs. When we look at people’s overall average salary, it is $240-300.


Population growth in Ukraine is going backwards. Annual population growth is at around -1000. Nevertheless, when we look at employees and the country’s revenue, there is an ongoing growth there. The state’s working to ensure the population growth, such as assistance to married couples, to couples who have children, etc., several types of assistance are available.

Ukraine is among the hosts of 2012 European Football Championship and it is being organized jointly with Poland. Final game will be played at Olympic Stadium in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. This organization has brought in many opportunities.

An Overview of Ukrainian Internet Market

We can see that many sites that are a popular or have high traffic in Ukraine are in fact Russia originated. Russia websites have located themselves according to these developments to close the gap in Ukraine. The reason is that Ukrainian people write and speak Russian as I have mentioned.
In the years 2001-2008, the growth rate of internet in CIS countries was 400%, while internet growth in Ukraine is around 2500%. In 2008, the money spent for Online Advertising in Ukraine was $ 23 Million.
Number of Skype users is 4 million. Every month, more than 200 thousand users are registered.

According to’s October report;

  • total internet users in Ukraine:: 13 Million 138 Thousand (In September: 12 Million 338 Thousand)
  • Internet population is mainly gathered in 8 regions. Kiev city has the highest rate with 58.8%.
  • the total time spent on the internet In October: 4 billion 538 million 358 thousand minutes
  • Search engine usage: 62% Google, 28% Yandex and 4% constitute the first 3. However, when we look only at Ukrainian users Google’s use of rate is at around 75%.
  • The internet population mostly searches cars and related content that are in the top 30. In general, we most searched words link to listing website. (Automobile, real estate, business Portals, etc.)

Social Network Penetration (

Number of total users: 46 Million, Number of Ukrainian users: 5 Million (every second 1 user signs up)


Number of total users: 40 Million, Number of Ukrainian users: 2,1 Million



Number of total users: 50 Million, Number of Ukrainian users: 25 Thousand



Number of total users: 288 Million, Number of Ukrainian users: 175 Thousand


Number of total users: 4 Million, Number of Ukrainian users: 3.5 Million



Number of total users: 23 Million, Number of Ukrainian users: 3.5 Million


Overview of E-Commerce

Number of Credit Cards

Date 1 transaction at least Active, not expired
01.10.2008 – 31.12.2008 38.5 Million 45.3 Million
01.01.2009 – 31.03.2009 30.6 Million 44 Million
01.04.2009 – 31.06.2009 29.6 Million 44.3 Million

Source: National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)

Web Money


Graphic: UAH trading volume and turnover rate by years.

  • In 2008 700 million UAH trading volume was done by 1 million 370 thousand registered users via the Web Money.
  • Number of users who have made Minimum 100 and over processes, Kiev: 62,000 Ukraine: 255.000
  • Web Money access points, Kiev: 3681 Ukraine:15.756
  • Commission rate is 0.8% per transaction and money transfer to the account takes 1 business day.


  • Monthly number of transactions: 500,000
  • They are not working like PayPal. You do not have to pay to register and can pay with all credit cards.
  • Commission rates are between 4% and 5% and change according to products sold.
  • Money transfer to the account takes maximum 2-3 days.
  • If high trade volume is reached, commission rates are arranged again.
  • 3D Secure (optional) use is available. You can make your interface design for payment screen.

Portmone User Penetration

  • 81% Male, 19% Female
  • Age range; 24-32: 32%, 30-35: 30%, 36-40: 12%
  • 66% Married, 29% Single
  • 33% does not have any children. 20% has children between 1-5 ages.
  • 37 % Senior/Manager, 24% Professional/Specialist/Director, 15% Owns a workplace, 11% are Engineer
  • 24% work in large companies in Ukraine and 23% work in international companies
  • 64% own their own apartment, 15% live in rental flats
  • 90% use the Internet every day

In general,

  • Men’s income status: $ 700-1500

Women’s income status: $ 300-700
Mobile Penetration
• 2009 September the number of mobile users: 55.5 million (70.4% increase compared to August)
• according to UKR Telecom (UMTS) reports, in September internet access via mobile phones has increased by 50%.
• The number of mobile phones sold in Ukraine in the 3. Quarter is 1.21 million units. (30% increase compared to 2008)
• The number of active mobile users in Ukraine is 30 million. 97% of individuals between the ages of 16-55 in Kiev use mobile phone. 19% of them use internet using mobile devices every day.
• Revenues of Internet providers in July are 1.8 billion UAH (44% increase compared to 2008) Total earnings are 999.7 million UAH (80% increase compared to 2008)
• Mobile operators have begun to make investment as Internet Providers after September. Government opens 3G tender (15-year license, renewal) for 400 million UAH in order to give support. In addition, it gives 25 MHz Spectrum Radio Signal as incentive gift.
• Mobile operators’ income in July-August is 18.6 billion UAH (5% increase compared to 2008)

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