Internet or Google?

Google kingGoogle’s advances push me to deeper thinking on this subject since the article I questioned whether Google might swallow the Internet. The latest news that fired this idea was on Gmail’s innovation in the past days.

As is well known, Google let us continue our e-mail addiction in places that do not have internet access with offline optioned it provide with Gmail previously. Now, introduction of Gmail’s offline file upload add-on seems to show that Google does not want to leave its users alone for a moment.

Now you will be able to attach your files to your e-mails with Gmail Offline that you activate on Gmail Labs that when you do not have any internet access. Thus, any interruption will not hinder the file uploads.

Google has moved its office services to online environment, and now makes multiple use possible for its users. Also, it tries to get everything under internet connection with Cloud Computing but the advance with Gmail shows that Google has not forgotten that it is possible to disconnect from the network.

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Google’s innovation that has come on all attacks of socialization, becomes well with the Chrome OS which was announced suddenly. Because we can see that Google, which has decided to produce the OS that Eric Schmidt did not lean towards, wants to create an internet capsule that has to work when it is outside the Internet. These days some resources claim on Chrome OS, which is run on usb memory, that the new operating system could be deployed with net books, which shows us the desired point.

On the other hand, there are rumors that Google Phone that has entered into mobile devices with Android will be ready for the new year. Google Phone will be a major innovation for Google Voice and Google will create a synchronized network both on web and on mobile. Google will show its power with Latitude when it completes its mobile tour.

google-products-The dispute with Apple and the great competition with Microsoft might trigger Google to wants to solve all by itself, it is highly probable that in the future the Internet can be called Google. I do not find these words unserious, because I recall that in  South America where open source programs are widespread, surfing the Internet is called ‘Mozilla-ing” among children. J

Of course against this monopoly, Microsoft reinforces Windows 7 and Bing insistently and other major manufacturers such as Apple and software companies are also discussing the different attacks. But no matter what happens, at least some of us will connect to the internet with Google in the future. Even today, many people go online with Google, so we believe that this scenario is not too far away.

We’ll see if the new name of the digital world in the future be “Internet or Google?”!

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