Interview: iMobileCode and iPhone Applications

imobilecode-logoWe have mentioned about Cahit Taşkın, one of the founders of iMobileCode, in the article titled “free popular iPhone applications” earlier. Now we had an interview with him on mobile applications and got valuable information on the market, and company developing popular applications such as Deniz OtobüsüEczane and Havaalanı, iMobileCode and its studies.

Hasan: Can you introduce yourself and iMobileCode shortly?

Cahit: We have been developing mobile applications for Turkish market since January 2009. We own another company headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, which offers service with Zen Particles brand in the same field. In Turkish market, our primary goal is to develop innovative iPhone applications for companies and create new marketing channels, while enabling iPhone users reach valuable information easily. Until today, we have published 12 applications, and usage and download numbers prove that we are on the right path. Considering the number of applications, we are leading in Turkish market and we aim to lead the market in the coming years. Our biggest aim is to develop applications that will make Turkey sound in the global market and be used by users worldwide.

Hasan: What kind of applications have you developed so far and what kind of successes these applications have got?

Cahit: Until today, we have published applications that let users meet useful content.  Some of them are Deniz Otobüsü, Eczane ve Havaalanı applications which are used by a large number of users and are popular among Turkish users. Total download number of our applications has exceeded 250 thousand and their usage number is 1,5 million per month. All of our applications that we have published so far have been listed in Apple App Store free 100 List and have been listed there for a long time. We are the company with the most applications on that list as of today and our Eczane application has been in top 50 since February when it was first published. We have developed applications for other companies as well. Some of them are Ford Champions League application and Coke’n Music, and they caught pretty much attention.

We have published “Meals On Wheels” application in the US, which is one of leading applications that aims donation in Apple App Store. In addition to these, there is “Broad Ripple” application that got its place in Indianapolis social life.

Hasan: Are there any applications that inspire you in the world? Which applications do you like the most globally?

Cahit: Our team in the US follows global application and technology trends very closely. They attend to leading seminars, give presentations and make speeches in most of them. Therefore, they keep in touch with the groups that set global trends and follow the developments as closely as possible. In Turkey, we have created the first and only application that uses “Push Notification” technology (Champions League), which could be considered as an indicator that we are following the trends closely. Following trends in the world requires following software applications developed worldwide and developers developing them too.  IPhone App should not be considered the only mobile application. There are Cloud Computing and many other related technologies behind a mobile software. These technologies also affect the user experience and the success of mobile applications. Due to these, we have taken active duty in Cloud User Groups sponsored by Sun and Microsoft as iMobileCode. We are trying to improve our designs in every project.
Global applications we like are, one of the most successful applications we have seen so far is Shazam (you can find the artist or the name of a song media is playing by listening to it and purchase it from iTunes instantly.) Apple is publishing this application only in America due to copyright issues, but we find it very successful in terms of functionality.
Another example is Bump application, which lets exchange of contact information as you hit you hand you keep your iPhone in with your friend’s hand, and it is another successful application.

Hasan: What applications do you plan to develop in the near future?

Cahit: Companies’ interest in iPhone applications is increasing every day. In this context, there is a large number of projects we are developing and having meetings on. Apart from the projects for companies, we are continuing to add new ones to our own applications. We have a photo application that will be published in the near future and we believe that iPhone users in Turkey and worldwide will prefer this application highly. Another project is an application that users will be able to use in emergencies. In addition to these, we are working on a Twitter project with well-known software developers and , and we hope all iPhone users will like it.

Hasan: What do you think about the future of the mobile world? What are your thoughts about Mobile Marketing?

Cahit: World mobile market is growing with each passing day. Each year, sales are growing at around 7% and the world’s mobile phone need today is much higher than the need to many other electronic devices. In the market the share of smart phones has risen, particularly seriously with iPhone. In the last 2 years, growth in number of smart phones in our country takes place at a rate of 300%. According to estimates of experts, progressive growth of the smart phone market will increase even further. Of course, the technical characteristics of the devices develop very seriously with this. Apple has already started to work on dual-core processors running on their phones. On the other hand, Google has come with a new perspective to mobile phone operating systems with Android operating system.

We have remembered how important this job is in the world when Google bought Admob for 750 million dollars. Currently mobile applications are a very new field. Still companies are discussing to what degree it is necessary and reasonable to do what mobile. But as I have mentioned, this field is growing very quickly and we fell lucky to be in this area.

In mobile world infrastructure is as important as devices. We know that the most successful mobile phone applications published work online. One of the most important factors that increase the success of the applications is the developments in the Internet infrastructure offered by GSM operators. We have experienced performance increases in many applications, as the market was introduced 3G internet connection. In this way, we began to prefer to display information online by minimizing the content on the application for our new projects. This lowered the size of the applications and gave freedom to change content displayed in a more comfortable way.
In the light of these developments, we consider today’s mobile applications web sites of 90’s.  We believe all of the companies will have their mobile applications in the near future. Today mobile applications are considered “nice to have”, but they will be “must have” in the future.

Hasan: Cahit, we thank you for this informative interview.

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