Will New E-Commerce Model of Dopdolu.com.tr Be A Remedy?

dopdolu logoHaving carried out Gold Bilgisayar (b2c), Metro Elektronik (b2b), Hızlıal (b2c), and Sanalpazar (c2c) before, Gold Group added a new initiative to its portfolio in April 2009: Dopdolu (b2c), which brought a question to our minds: Why did the company created more than one web sites in the same model belonging to the same group? We have addressed some questions to Umut Unlu, Dopdolu Business Development and Operations Manager on the issue.

He told that, Gold.com.tr is the internet face of Gold chain stores. It means that all IT products that are sold in Gold Chain Stores are available at Gold.com.tr too. These products are delivered from Gold Headquarters. On the other hand, Hızlıal is an online shopping web site which sell a wide range of products from pushchairs to fishhooks and from mobile phones to LCD TV’s.


So what makes Dopdolu different from others? One of the biggest problems of e-commerce is that ordered products are delivered late, which make Dopdolu different from other shopping web sites. Gold Group has a franchising network with more than 150 members nationwide. Using these branches, the products are delivered from the city that you live within the same day with free shipment. The reason is that dopdolu.com.tr includes opportunity products sold in Gold branch stores. This model integrates online and offline trading in the most successful way and dopdolu.com.tr works like an e-commerce website of a local opportunity store.

Another problem of e-commerce in Turkey is that Turkish users use the Internet for comparing products, prices or features but are not willing to do online shopping. As far as I’m concerned, Gold has aimed to turn this disadvantage into an advantage using its franchising system. If you do not wish to buy products without touching them, you can visit the Gold store in your city and buy it at Dopdolu.com.tr price.

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