The Easiest Way to Exist on the Internet:

axessim-logoFirstly I have to mention that this service is coming for the “simple applications I like” list that I share on Webrazzi from time to time. If you ask whether it should be considered an initiative, it is totally up to how the service will be modeled in the future.

The service called gives the opportunity to exist on the Internet in the fastest way as I have experienced until today. All you have to do is type on your browser’s address bar and create your own page.

We have been informed of the service via an e-mail sent to Webrazzi. It is extremely user friendly and there are many fields it can be used. Let’s say you demand an address to your CV in the fastest way, or want to create a web page for a product or will publish an ad and share its link somewhere… I guess it would take only 20 seconds to do this with

I believe that users who get used to it will choose to use this service considering its effectiveness When the design of the application that is very easy-to-use is improved a little bit more.

Below is the video of page we created for Webrazzi Agenda program.

I wish that the creators of the service would make this video themselves, but anyways, this is our favor to them

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