Google Zeitgeist: Most Searched Words of 2009 have been published

zeitgeist2009_logoGoogle’s traditional Zeitgeist list, which lists most searched words on Google, has been announced for 2009 as of today. Michael Jackson tops the list’s 2009 version, while Spanish social networking website Tuenti and Facebook follow it. Twitter is on the 4th place on the list, and a name that shows the influence of young population and Google usage in Turkey takes fifth place on the list: Sanalika!

Sanalika, which we made an article on when it was fist founded, is a cyber world application that takes the attraction of especially young audience in Turkey. That’s why it has taken place in the list with Facebook and Twitter among other fast-rising search words in 2009. New Moon, second Twilight movie, pop singer Lady Gaga and Microsoft’s new OS Windows 7 follow Sanalika.

You can also see names of Turkish initiatives in other categories of Zeitgeist. In Sports category, Real Madrid, Us Open and UFC keywords are followed by “Sahadan” among fastest rising searched words. In global category, one of the most flling keywords compared to last year is flash game site “Kral Oyun”.  On this list, Beijing 2008, Euro 2008 that are seasonal events, Heath Ledger who passed away last year and Barack Obama and my Winehouse, popular names last year, take place.

You can find detailed information on Google Zeitgeist 2009 on its official web site . I wonder why Turkey has not been examined among regional data on the pages that give place to detailed analysis according to countries. While we can find detailed analysis on countries such as Taiwan and Panama, I believe that Turkey data should also be analyzed closely since it affects global internet statistics directly.

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