Webrazzi Gundem (Agenda) Events Kick Off! Would You Like To Sponsor?


Those who are pleased with participating in our events we performed in the previous periods such as Webrazzi Meet-up (photos), Webrazzi Gundem(photos) or who regret missing them should note this announcement: Webrazzi Events are kicking off by January 2010!


First, we will share the detailed information on Webrazzi Gundem (Webrazzi Agenda) meetings, and then will be announcing other events including Webrazzi Conference in the coming days.

Webrazzi Gundem

Webrazzi Gundem meetings will provide a platform that will enable us to talk about 10 different topics and the sector in year 2010, while bringing 200 sector professionals in each meeting.

Webrazzi Gundem meetings that are based on information exchange among the participants and developing business links. We will be sharing detailed information on participation conditions, location and speakers.

You can use this link if you wish to add Webrazzi Events Webrazzi.

Webrazzi Gundem Schedule (13 January – 16 June 2010) – Google Calendar

E-Commerce- 13 January 2010
Social Media – 27 January 2010
Mobile Internet – 10 February 2010
Online Advertising and Marketing – 24 February 2010
Enterprise 2.0 – 03 March 2010
Web 3.0 – 07 April 2010
Online Games – 05 May 2010
Internet Entrepreneurship in Turkey- 12 May 2010
Online Entertainment Services – 02 June 2010
Risk Capital and Angel Investment – 16 June 2010

Would You Like to Be a Webrazzi Gundem Sponsor?

We provide two different options for Webrazzi Gundem meetings, which are Main Sponsor and Event Sponsor. Webrazzi Gundem “Main Sponsor” will be responsible for sponsoring all of Webrazzi Gundem meetings from January 2010 to June 2010. Companies wishing to sponsor our meeting/s on a specific topic can be Event Sponsor.

If you like to sponsor Webrazzi Gundem meetings, you can contact us at etkinlik@webrazzi.com or fill in the contact form .

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