Turkish Airlines Now Flies with Its Mobile Application!

thy mobilTurkish Airlines has put into service one of the most improved examples of mobile application world that is growing in parallel to the Internet previous day. THY Mobile application enables you make bookings, online ticket purchase, check-in and boarding card processes via mobile devices, as a proof that mobile applications can make our lives so much easier.

You can set up the application with an SMS via 3G connection to your mobile device (I have) and start using the service immediately. The developer of the application is Pozitron, which is experienced in mobile applications. It makes it possible to use the services fast; however, there could be variety of designs developed for different kinds of devices.

thy mobil

The application is a first in Turkey, and is beyond cyber solutions such as check-in that we had before.  For instance, mobile coupon, which is based on getting rid of boarding cards, is considered an important mobile marketing infrastructure for the future.

We can use all of the functionality of the website with this mobile application and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is an improved mobile site interface and is totally to the purpose. Though it has some deficits at some points, but I believe that it will be further developed and be much faster as its usage gains speed. The system will be in use for only domestic flights for the time being, and it will be very pleasing for both users and mobile sector when it will work for international flights too.

I hope that we will see the solution orientedness of mobile application and marketing with this development and make special investment on the issue.

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