and Its Earnings Model

notebook platformu logoNotebook Platformu is a service with the aim of gathering all laptop users under a single roof. Established in 2007 and been fully active for only one year, Notebook Platformu has 58 thousand members. The service is the newest initiative of Hayal Akademisi, which realized Kulüp Vaio project, is based on a similar but wider concept this time.

There are some other web sites such as and Sadece Notebook which aim to provide the most appropriate information to Turkish Internet users who plan to buy laptops. However, what I find most interesting is the earnings model of Notebook Platformu, as it makes projects to brands under sub domain names creating joint ventures in addition to usual advertising-marketing model. A classic example to this is the address These sub domain names are created in accordance with the corporate identities of the brand names and the contents are provided by the brands as well. Notebook Platfomu has already managed to add Turkcell and Intel to its joint venture portfolio.

notebook platformu

When we google 3g and notebook, Notebook Platformu tops the list of search results, and it provides the users who wish to get online via 3G using their laptops the appropriate content for the corporate identity of the brand and also explains why the brands make payment for this model.

I can conclude that this initiative of  Hayal is very successful and believe that the website will increasingly grow as users continue to leave their desktops and start to use laptops.

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