How Many Turkish FriendFeed Users Are There?

ff-logoAs social media increases its popularity, one of the questions I hear most is “How many Turkish FriendFeed users are there?”… Sometimes this question is directed at me, while I see it in discussions about FriendFeed at times. A large number of users refer to FFholic for the answer, without knowing its owner, or give link to data I share on FrendFeed.

Firstly, I’d like to clarify that, FFholic (or you can call it FriendFeedHolic ) is a service that I cofounded, meaning it is not foreign and 100% Turkish capital.

We’ll be publishing a detailed and global report concerning FrendFeed in the coming days. But before that, I wanted to clarify this issue of the number of Turkish FriendFeed users that is being widely talked about.

At the moment we are following 455.184 different FriendFeed users on FFholic. 11 percent of these users are private, meaning they do not share their profile and content with other users. Therefore, we cannot have information on who they are following, what they post and by whom they are being followed. When we leave users with private accounts out, we know what language most of the users use. We do this by determining what language the users use in their posts, and if a user uses more than one language for his/her posts, the language s/he most uses is considered as his/her mother language. So, in order for us to determine a user’s mother language, s/he needs to have written at least one post.

As a result, when we consider users who do not have private accounts, have posted at least one thing on FriendFeed that is something other than “haha! ” or “yay!” we see that there are 7.249 Turkish FriendFeed users according to FFholic data. If you ask how many users FriendFeed has in FFholic we can track, I cannot give an exact number since we do not have the updated number of users FriendFeed has. However, when we consider the determination process of 455.184 different users FFholic can track, I believe that we can find the users who have shown a little activity at least. If user likes, posts, writes comment, follows someone or is followed once, it is possible for FFholic to track that user. If a user has done nothing of these, it is not necessary to track that user in any way.

As a result, you can make assumptions on and increase the clear and proven number of 7.249 people that I have given you considering Turkish users who have been members that have had no activity to date and have a private account. I think this has been useful information until the upcoming days when we will share the FriendFeed report…

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