93 Percent of Turkish Internet Users Googled in September!

comScore released a new report concerning Internet usage in Turkey based on September data. According to this report, than 19.7 million people age 15 and older accessed the Internet from a home or work location in Turkey during the month, viewing an average of 3,070 pages of content and spending an average of 31.6 hours per person online

The report reveals that Google Sites was the most popular property in Turkey in September with 18.4 million visitors, reaching 93.0 percent of the total online population, followed Microsoft Sites with 17.6 million visitors. Facebook.com ranked third with 16.1 million visitors, having grown 26 percent in just the past six months.

comScore’s figures of 6 months earlier shows the increase in the tendency of Turkish internet users towards social networking.  Just six months ago, social networking accounted for 9 percent of total time spent online in Turkey, but in September social networking represented 15 percent of all time spent online.

It should be noted that Facebook ranked as the most popular social networking site in September with 16.1 million visitors and accounted for 92 percent of the total time spent on social networking sites during the month.


Other popular properties following Facebook in the list are Dogan Online, which attracted 11.1 million visitors in September and includes ekolay, led seven Turkish-based properties that ranked amongst the top 15, including Milliyet Group (8.8 million visitors), Mynet A.S. (8.3 million visitors) and Blogcu.com (8.2 million visitors). In the report, 10 most popular social networks in Turkey list is topped by Facebook, which is followed by  Microsoft Live Profiles with 7.8 million visitors. MyNet Eksenim has 3.2 and Netlog has 1.8 million visitors in the list.

You can view the whole list below, and I recommend that you consider total minutes, as they show Facebook’s domination among social networks clearly.


One should also consider that Twitter is in the social networks list, where FriendFeed did not have a place and Twitter is the 10th with 804 thousand single visitors. I believe that the figure on Twitter does not reflect the true visitor traffic of the service, as some of it is due to the reflections in the media in the last days.

Also we should mention that the study does not include internet audience who is under 15 and who access the Internet from cyber cafes and mobiles.

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