Whispurr: Micro-Whispering Service

whispurrWe have started to see new models on micro blogging in Turkey and worldwide following Twitter. One of these is Whispurr, a new micro blogging service that seems more functional with its features and targets.

The service, which gets its name from the verb whisper, is trying to make micro blogging a more active and efficient activity. Whispurr lets you post private and general messages limited to 300 characters and share your videos up to 30 seconds. The project uses its own url shortening service, and its API’s are not open yet still will be available soon.

Whispurr has a more satisfying system on one-to-one communication than Twitter.  The service is about to use “social connect” modules and provide its grouping feature under the name Team. The service has not forgotten the tiny but important details such as ignore, add to favorites and redirect options for the messages but Whispurr team might reconsider its design for a fast and dynamic user experience.

whispurr mikroblogging

I have learned that Whispurr, multi-national project under a company based in Dublin,  is working on its mobile version. Hakan Güzelgöz, one of the founders of the service, is managing the project from Turkey, and other Turkish participant of Whispurr is Kerem Suer, whose position is designer in the project. I wish a successful future to Whispurr that aims to offer social sharing and communication for private and general on the same platform globally. (You can reach the service at Wpurr.com if you’d like to click on a shorter link.)

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