Miaposta: Life Guide with One E-mail a Day

mialogoGone online in May 2009 with the motto “Lifeguide for urban women”, Miaposta is a service that shares content that may interest its members via sending them one e-mail a day. This service has sped up its growth with the huge awareness it has created among Internet users.

The founders of this initiative are Etel Ozsarfati, with MBA degree on Finance at London School of Economics and Hande Oynar, with journalism MBS at Columbia University in New York. The number of members the service has is 7500 as of today.

The concept has reflected on its member profile, as 90 percent of the members are women, while 85 percent are over 25. The service works like a e-mail account of a fictional character Mia, and 148 short but useful contents have been sent to members from this account until today.

I am sure some of you have heard Daily Candy, which works with the same model and is globally very popular. Miaposta aims to provide exclusive content for each city one day like Daily Candy that has 12 different contents for 12 cities, even the Istanbul phrase on its logo is a sign of this goal.

We have not seen a few number of Turkish initiatives giving service on this field so far.  Of those few examples, we can name Brandlife, which works with e-bulletin concept, sends its members content on a monthly basis and is partnered with euro.message, and 7inci, a similar service sending daily content to its members, and an initiative of Yonja Media Group.

We should mention Tuliss.com, which has been brought to life by Tulin Sahin a short while ago, within this concept. The service has more than 50 thousand members which Tulin Sahin sends useful content to those who sign up, reveals that there is a huge audience in the market that is interested in this kind of initiatives.


Concerning its business plan, Etel Ozsarfati, one of the associates of Miaposta, said that   its business plan is based on earnings from ads and they never accept paid content in the e-mails signed by Mia. They make exclusive projects for companies; work on advertorial and use their table designs in various ways as you can see on Miaposta webpage. Otomobilim key holder that is on the table as Opet ad is one of them.

To sum up, in the late period when we see that contents that are personalized and based on interests are considered attractive, Miaposta is a successful initiative and can be deemed one of the firsts in the sector. When we consider the educational histories of its founders and their targets with Miaposta, I believe that this service will be very popular in the short term.

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