oDesk Exceeds $100 Million… We Want a Freelancer Website in Turkey!

odesk-sayacoDesk, one of the websites bringing freelancers and project owners together, exceeded the limit with the economy it has created. oConomy counter has been counting the amount of money that is paid and received for the projects completed since the website was launched and it has exceeded $100 million.

The website has a wide range of ads that include mostly software development projects, ranging from blog writing, web research, translation and even accountancy. The website allows members to post job ads if they want to hire freelancers and evaluate the applicants’ qualifications using the tests on the web site, and the service also provides a decent platform for freelancers.  In Turkey, there are 381 freelancers going after projects via oDesk.

There are other websites offering services similarly other than oDesk, which include Elance and Freelancer.com. These websites are the significant ones among others with the scales they’ve got. I believe these websites are the cure for those who often complain saying, “I have a project but I don’t know any developers to write the codes”. It’s possible to realize the projects with not only Turkish developers, but also foreign developers that are specialized on their fields as long as project owners have the ability to manage projects and specified project plans.

In Turkey, ProjeKurdu is an initiative that gives a service similar to Freelancer.com. The website has been online for a quite long time now and aims to bring project owners and project specialists together. The counter on the main page indicates that 1958 professionals are registered and 51 project ads have been posted this month. Membership is free at the moment, but after reaching a certain number of users, I believe the service will apply an earnings model.


I believe that ProjeKurdu, which does not have qualification tests advanced profile feature or secure payment system similar to oDesk’s, but lets users post job ads and apply for job ads, will fill an important gap in the event that it is improved.

UzmanKirala.com is one of those services, and it is not online yet, but will be introduced to the market in a short term. It is continuing to be developed by Murat Turan, here is the first screenshot of the service.


We are living in a period which “find somebody to make a website” period should be over. If a n initiative sector that will dominate and be appreciated can be created in Turkey and , it will create a large scale economy, if not $100 million.

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