A New Guide to Activities and Places: Aktifite.Net

aktifite-logoCreated combining “aktif” (active) and “aktivite” (activity), Aktifite is a social platform that is still in private beta. The initiative is very new yet, and the service lets its users find the information on activities easily and fast with the network built around activities, places and artists. Aktifite calls itself “an activity agenda”.

While it supports its users to share content with the site’s scoring system, Aktifite.net also plans to provide its members with some advantages, such as free tickets to activities with the points they get.

The service is in private beta for the time being, since it aims to get feedback from its users within this period, in addition to making a start with a quality member profile. The owners of the initiative have sent us 100 private beta invitations, considering that Webrazzi readers’ comments are very valuable at this step.

If you want to try Aktifite.net with one of the 100 invitations exclusive for Webrazzi readers, sign up at http://www.aktifite.net/davetiye/?webrazzi.

Considering the situation of the market the service is about to enter, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it will have very strong competitors. The fact that Biletix is highly preferred among Turkish Internet users although it is not a social network and various city guides provide content for its users will put a big pressure on Aktifite.net

In addition to the above, we have Mekanist.net, which already provides very significant information on places, and Fesmekan , owned by MyNet, that includes Daveti.com for only invitations. These factors will push Aktifite.net to work harder to provide new generation features in order to bring an asset to the market.

In short, if you like to  sign up to Aktifite.net that is in private beta and share your feedback, you can use one of the 100 invitations on the link below.


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