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marro-ws-logoGlobal Turkish startup has amplified its strength with the latest developments it has made recently after taking the first step. In addition to its new features, has increased its audience as well. Founder Ali Babaoglan, who was awarded JCI personal achievement prize in the previous days, gave some information about direction of the project. enables its users to create a permanent library with a richer model after adding content concept to social tagging. Quality contents that gain importance as the world of content becomes wide in a more simple way take an important place under Despite the fact that it is highly valuable functionally, has not created huge reactions from users as the concept I have explained above has not been fully appreciated and the service does not address plain users.

Therefore, to evaluate effectively, one should be able to appreciate it. does not for the number of users and contents, and uses a strong spam filter to prevent unqualified content.

marrows ali babaoglanWith its second version, has developed considerably and enriched itself with social changes, which include counter (tagging counter for your website), widget (social profile add-on), customizable profile page and communication between profiles that increase usability.

Ali Babaoglan also gave some very important information on the future of Studies of are focused on the future period of the Internet, Web 3.0 (semantism) nowadays. Within this concept, team has started to use RDF, but it refrains to talk about its studies before its work is completed, and the team takes firm steps forward for using markup content. On this point, we can see the importance of the issue if we look at Google Wave’s move.

I believe that, which extends its social network around its main function, will make very exciting developments in the near future. And lastly, Ali Babaoglan says that he needs more attention to from you, adding that the service’s doors are open to people experienced on PHP, jQuery, and Ajax.

Those who wish to take place in this project that sees the future globally can reach him at ali [at], and I hope they will add strength in the global arena in which we have a good example with

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