Facebook’s Video Stream and Turkey Stats on the Rise

facebookFacebook has become more than a social network service with its latest moves and it seems that its growth is unstoppable now. The number of servers Facebook owns has increased to 30 thousand and according to Jeff Rothschild, the vice president of technology at Facebook; Facebook manages more than 25 terabytes of data per day in logging data. Now we can say that Facebook has become one of the largest video and photo sharing archives on the Internet, while being still lively with its vide sharing feature.

facebook-türkiye-webrazzi Let’s have a look at some stats to see the latest situation on this issue. Facebook has increased its single visitors in the US by 2.4 million by October, while according to Compete, MySpace continue to lose its effect as Facebook grows. When we have a look a Facebook’s growth based on number of its members in Europe, we can clearly see a picture in which Turkey is in the leading position. Facebook has nearly 100 million members Europe now, whereas it has 15 million Turkish users and this number has increased by 8%, which means 1.072.000 users in September. It is also worth consideration that the service has two digit growth rates in some European countries and in Germany.

Nielsen-Facebook webrazziAs Facebook Connect has been opened to developers, its traffic among social networks has soared. Nielsen has announced its stream rates over video portals.

According to US based stats, Facebook is among the top video streaming networks and is the 10. in the list. It seems that Facebook’s trend versus YouTube has increased. Facebook has 23 million unique video viewers, which makes it the third, following YouTube and Yahoo.

While we can see our videos in our friends’ sharings, I believe that Facebook can be on the top of this list by customizing search options for video pool. However, Facebook does not want to change its focus, and maybe it does not want FB users to involve in passive actions.

As Facebook Developer Garage has organized its first event in Turkey in the past days, we can infer that Facebook has started to lay importance on Turkish market, but do we think about how we can effectively make use of this user potential?

I hope that we will make a better job in foreseeing the future of Facebook, which we have not been able to see its coming in 2007.

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