Web World Gets 4 Awards from Turkey’s The Most Successful Young Persons of the Year Contest

jci-logoJunior Chamber International – JCI is one of the largest nongovernmental organizations in the world with more than 200 thousand members and operating in 123 countries. JCI has announced the results of Turkey’s Most Successful 10 People (TOYP) Project in the premier night held in Is Art Center Gallery. The jury of the contest included famous names as Mujdat Gezen, Alphan Manas and Ufuk Tarhan. Four young people in web world were awarded in the contest.

The prizes were given in 10 categories. Ali Babaoglan, who has given an interview to Webrazzi before, was deemed worthy to be awarded in personal achievement field with his Marro.ws project. Babaoglan was among the most successful 75 students selected by IBM EMEA in 2008, and the best student-worker by Microsoft. Born in 1986, Ali Babaoglan was awarded in the category “Personal Achievement”, which shows that people at such a young age can achieve a lot in Turkey.

In business world, economics and entrepreneurship field, Yomi Kastro, cofounder of Inveon Software Solutions, was deemed worthy of the award. Born in 1981, Kastro was recognized among the best entrepreneurs in Turkey by Endeavor in 2008. Bloxoo (former Blograzzi), which Arda Kutsal was cofounder of and then transferred its rights, and mulakat.tv, the first video based HR interview site in the world, are only two of the web sites that Inveon developed.

The leader of Tish-o.com.tr project Fatih Demir won JCI Turkey Special Award for “Healthy T-shirts” in the field of environmental protection and ethical leadership. Tish-o is a website enabling users to design their own t-shirts online. Demir got this award as tish-o uses healthy textile printing methods and uses healthy products, and non-carcinogenic dye for the t-shirts. Another reason that Tish-o was awarded this prize is the company aims helping handicapped young people acquire a profession and helping homeless children.


In “Contribution to Human Rights, Children and World Peace” category, Rodin Alper Bingol was awarded with his “Remove the Obstacles Movement”. Born in 1984, Bingol prepared this social responsibility project as his thesis project and then turned it into a social movement. The community that gained shape around engellerikaldır.com is an important factor in expansion of this movement to such a large population. This movement uses social media in the best way and has more than 160 thousand members in Facebook and nearly 600 thousand supporters. Bingol gives lectures on digital marketing and media technologies at Marmara University and he has achieved his goal by using online and offline platforms in the best possible way.

Each award is very valuable and each work is very good, but what is worth attention is that the young persons in the web world are more prominent than the other sectors. These young people getting awards in Turkey now, will be evaluated together with the other candidates from other countries by the international big jury and will have the right to get “The Most Successful Young Persons of the Year” awards in the next year’s World Conference if they come first in the international leg of the contest. We wish success to those young people, who have been World’s Best four times before.

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