Turkcell’s New Services Were as Satisfying as CeBIT

turkcell mobil servisler webrazziEurope’s largest business platform and the biggest ICT organization in Turkey, Cebit Bilisim Euraisa has started on October 7, as you all know. This year, the fair is opening its doors for the 10th time and Turkcell, main sponsor of last year’s fair, and some leading brands such as  Turkish Telecom, Avea, Akbank did not participate in the event. Therefore, Turkcell introduced its innovative services with a press invite before Cebit. I had the chance to observe the new services, and this important move of Turkcell, and now I want to share these with Webrazzi readers.

Here are services of Turkcell, which has increased data transfer by 3-4 times with 3G and does business for a wide range from health to electricity meters, and you will hear about them more in the coming period.

+ Location Based Services:

– Mobililanlar (Mobile Ads): This service lets subscribers share any ad web-based or mobile and location based wherever they are. It is also possible to give ad by SMS. You can try it on Mobililanlar.com free.

– Leylek (Stork): Turkcell closed its social network called Turkcell-imBenim on February 28, and created a location based social network. Turkcell saw the developments about location based services as Arda Kutsal has mentioned before, and opened first location based social network of Turkey with its strong mobile infrastructure. Kokteyl, which brought Uygulama Pazari before, is behind leylek.com that you can visit now.

– Panomi: We have shared the screenshots of this service, which provides locations based microblogging and offers a sharing platform for photos, music and video on the locations you want. The service is not online yet, and we’ll be sharing the news about it as we learn.

– TamNerede (WhereExactly): Tamnerede.com is a location query service, and with its system, it makes it possible to learn the location of persons and teams instantly.

+Akilli Yayin (Service Booster):

Akilli Yayin is one of the mobile marketing activities that have passed beyond SMS with the increasing speed of data transfer. Akilli Yayin lets you transfer various demo materials to your mobile device as you give permission, and it is again location based. I believe that this service will provide efficiency for companies that aim hast and healthy feedback for their activities. Service Booster application, which Turkcell uses for its own mobile marketing as well with “Click and Use” comfort, and I have tried myself, may replace BlueTooth Marketing. Again, one of our expectations, Mobil Kupon‘s infrastructure was another development introduced with this context. The system reads barcodes over a mobile device. The system is waiting for innovative companies and entrepreneurs to turn it into project.

+ Konusan Ilan (Talking Ad):
Konusan ilan is one of Turkcell’s mobile marketing weapons. This service enables ad video to be read by reading mobile cam to be placed on published ad materials like in Microsoft Tag. All Turkcell users who are 3G subscribers and have mobile that support video call can make use of this service free but we’ll wait for a little while to have the opportunity to use this service.

+ Mobil Cuzdan (Mobile Wallet):

The aim of the service, which is not in use yet, is to make process with the related terminal of mobile phones by placing credit cards, transportation cards, security cards and other type of cards to SIM card. This service, which requires special mobile phones and SIM cards, will be in use in Turkey by 2010, and allow its users to minimize their wallets.
+ Mobil Odeme (Mobile Payment):

Turkcell’s Mobile Payment system, which boomed first with Mikro-Odeme.com, enables its users make online payment in the fastest way via their mobile phones without credit card or money transfer. For now, only Turkcell provides this alternative payment system, and as it is an important system for the future, number of its partners has climbed to four, one of which is Mobiltim’s newly launched MobilePax. I will continue to give information about the other partners in the coming days.

+ M2M Mobese Taksi Uygulamasi (MOBESE Taxi Application):

This new project, realized by Istanbul Mobese Inc. and Turkcell business partners, offers a security package for taxis. The package includes vehicle tracking product, emergency button and navigation device, however it aims to transfer what happens in the taxis in video and audio format in the future.

+ Asi Dolabi (Vaccine Cupboard): Turkcell offers mobile services for health as well and this project, Vaccine Cupboard, provides telemetry solution for hospitals, health centers, and pharmacies enabling instant distant tracking of the vaccine cupboards. In the case that temperature the vaccine cupboard drops, the system notifies it via SMS or e-mail and provides temperature-time reports in specific periods.
+ Saglik 365 (Health 365): Online health services have gained value these days. One of them is Health 365 project, which was launched in Cebit last year. You can reach this service at www.saglik365.com and wap.saglik365.com. Led by Turkcell, this project provides the information we need on health to our mobile phones and if we like, we can keep our personal health info on this portal. It seems like this development, which is important for medical sector and online health services, will continue to develop with further detailed versions.
+ Connect 365: Turkcell health platform has developed this service with Medyasoft for Saglik365. Doctors and patients can use this application for connecting with doctors remotely. This is a very useful initiative for online health transformation.

+ Sayac (Counter): This project offers models with special Turkcell SIM cards for more regular use of natural gas, electricity or water counters we normally use at our homes. You no longer need to pay the electricity, or water bills manually and you can load credits to your, or a friend’s counter over SMS with pre-payment.

+ Kartpostal (Postcard):
This service, which I believe will somewhat promote use of MMS, service enables subscribers to send the personalized mobile content with multimedia tools like pictures, sound, or video on the web to not only one person, but also to the groups they create, making text-based celebration messages more dynamic and custom.

+ Goruntulu Cagri Merkezi ve Goruntulu Yanit Servisi (Video Call Center and Video Reply Service):

– Göruntulu Cagri Merkezi (Video Call Center): Developed by Turkcell Technologies and first to be applied in the world, this service makes it possible to make video calls to call centers and pass beyond audio-only calls. At the moment, leading corporations such as Akbank and Garanti Bank support this service, however call centers will be interested more in video call as 3G is standardized.

– Göruntulu Yanit Servisi (Video Reply Service): This service provides video service to its customers via their mobile phone screens. Video Reply Service is offered as a 3,g service that can be used for marketing and effective sales.
+ Mobil Egitim (Mobile Education): Turkcell’s initiative on education, which interests everyone, enables users to get podcast or text based education programs via mobile tools. Mobil Education service is a well-equipped, nice service that can be used for transfer and delivery of in-company info/education documents as I have tested.
+ Toplu Video (Mass Video):

This service is not so innovative, but it does meet a different need, which is sending video content to more than one subscriber simultaneously and both companies and persons can use it.

I have mentioned about Turkcell’s services here since I wanted to show you the doors that the brand names following the trends of tech and services will open to us in the future.  Especially the fact that mobile Internet has boomed like the Web did in its first years shows we have to attach importance to these issues. For example, it would be very appropriate to develop projects models that are well suited for significant services such as Mobile payment. I believe that Turkcell did a very important job and shared its services with us in the sense of providing in-house benefit for companies and enabling persons to feel the future. I will be sharing the details of important services with Webrazzi readers, as I am waiting impatiently for other services that will inspire us within or outside of Cebit, in Web world or mobile world.

By the way, Cebit is accepting visitors until October 11, Sunday. Those who cannot might watch Cebit TV that is provided this year.

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