Markafoni Is Getting Ready to Carry Its Success in Turkey over To Global Market

markafoni-logoTolga Tatari, one of the cofounders of Markafoni, the first player of private shopping in, a field of ecommerce that has been growing without much PR in Turkey, has provided Webrazzi with some exclusive information about the company.

Markafoni has begun operating outside of Turkey, in Australia and has the leading position in private shopping sector. We have learned that the company will put up its local brands for sale in a number of foreign countries as well.

The company, which has 600 thousand members in Turkey, has first seen seven-digit turnover in September and since then, its cash flow has been positive. Tolga Tatari says that 85 percent of its members sign in to the site every month and the company has exceeded the limit of its campaign of 64 members per month their goal is 100 members a month.

Foreign investors have already participated in funding of the company and the company is continuing to have meetings for a new round fundraising, as we have learned. Markafoni has 60 thousand individual visitors per day at the moment.

brandsexclusive-logoThe company, which considers starting to operate in seven countries by the end of 2010, operates in Australia under the name BrandsExclusive, with the address As we have learned, BrandsExclusive has received proposals from three groups including media companies in Australia so far. As we have mentioned in the beginning of the article, BrandsExclusive is in the leading position of the sector Australian market.

Markafoni is planning to operate in Ukraine and Greece first, and is busy choosing investors for their positioning in the mentioned markets these days.

I am sure that some of our readers want to know some details about company; Markafoni has a 30-people team in Turkey, and it is considering employing 10 more in the upcoming period.

Private shopping concept, highly esteemed and captures much attention from Turkish users, is not still used in many more countries. I find it quite important to find this deficit and operate to meet this deficit globally for first Markafoni itself, and Turkish Internet sector. On the other hand, for the development of ecommerce in Turkey, the service has a positive impact since it can reach a big audience and lead potential users to shopping on the Internet.

We will not be surprised to hear global news about funding Markafoni in the coming days.

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