Amazon says; No Kindle To Turkey!

kindle-not-turkeyAmazon put up international version of Kindle, ebook reader launched in the previous months, for sale at $279. The company made a deduction of $40 for its American version, which is on the market for $259. On the press release, it is stated that Kindle will be put up for sale in 100 countries, which does not include Turkey. The product will be on sale in all EU countries including South Cyprus, and even in Armenia, but will not be on sale in Turkey.

I do not know if its reason is customs issues or that Amazon does not have sufficient number of business partners in Turkey, or it is a strategic decision. However, if Amazon cannot or do not sell one of its products in a country like Turkey, it is not Turkey’s problem, but Amazon’s. If a company does not clear its product with its own brand that is under the legal limit ($300) through customs, it means it does not want do make business in Turkey.

Kindle will be on sale in 100 countries, but the fact that its e-library has books only in English will lead to lower sales figures than expected.  I hardly understand why Amazon launched a good product as Kindle in such an unsuccessful way. Reactions from the US are not very different as well. For instance, $250 is considered high for Kindle with only a monochrome monitor and running limited number of app.


As I see products that are not on sale in Turkey, which is one of the countries that loves tech devices and fast consumes them, I believe that companies either do not know our market well, or apply wrong strategies. I cannot tell if Amazon will lose the horse also, but it is not the first time that Jeff Bezos leaves Turkey aside for not only Kindle, but also  for Amazon’s general strategies.

As I have said, it will be a big problem for not Turkey, but Amazon…

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  1. Susan Ling |

    I do not understand why Amazon is not marketing Kindle to Turkey.

    I am a UK resident with a 2nd home in Turkey and am surrounded by Brits who live here permanently with no ties to the UK. Along with the number of UK residents taking holidays in Turkey and the fact that so many of the local Turkish population speak English.
    Turkey seems to be a better place to sell Kindle to than some of the other countries mentioned.

    • Brian |


      I also own property in Turkish and am married to a Turkish citizen. Unfortunately, Turkey does not have any copyright protection in place. Please don’t assume I am talking from an authoritative position, because I am only making a guess; but other businesses are unwilling to merchandise in Turkey because of the lack of patent/copyright protection.

      • murat |

        oh come on.theres a copyright law but some people still do it.whats our fault then.why can i not get a kindle when i want to spend money on books.i guess armenia has better regulations than us.shame i can not buy one.anyway books are better i can build up a library so my children can read too.

        • Jim |

          I am not claiming to know this for a fact but Amazon sell the Kindle with unlimited free 3G connectivity. Well the 3G version of course. Amazon have a deal with mobile operators to allow this on their own account because clearly someone is paying the bill for the 3G minutes. Perhaps they have not yet been able to secure a deal with Turkish mobile phone operators. I will tell you why I came to that conclusion. I am visiting Turkey from the UK. I have a mobile phone on Vodafone UK and before I came out here, I called Vodafone expecting to be able to use Vodafone Passport. Well it turns out Vodafone UK cannot make a special deal on mobile internet (Even with Vodafone TR) who apparently are a different company YAAAAWN!! anyway £3 per MB for 3G data, I suspect Amazon are working hard to launch their product everywhere but just need to iron out some issues. As I said, I do not know the above is fact, it is just a thought. If you really wanted to have one in Turkey, Other places sell Kindle e.g. Tesco

  2. Marc |

    The press release also says, “Kindle utilizes the same 3G wireless technology as advanced cell phones, so you never need to hunt for a Wi-Fi hotspot or sync with a PC.” Maybe since 3G is new to Turkey, the infrastructure isn’t ready yet — I dunno. Give it a year — this will allow Amazon to work out some of Kindle’s kinks (and there are several) and hopefully lower the price. This would be wonderful for reading The New York Times on a bus or subway, not to mention downloading books. Fingers crossed …

  3. Murat |

    3G is new in Turkey but used by thousands of people (like me) so 3G is not a problem.I can’t understand why amazon don’t sell kindle to Turkey, tech market is now bigger then ever , Bestbuy opens their first shop in my city in next week.
    Amazon really doesn’t know our market at all

  4. Duran Inci |

    I agree with Mr. Koca here. Any company who does not see the potential of tech market in Turkey and the huge potential of consumers asking for more, needs to hire some new analysts. However, I’d also like to state that Turkey lacks entrepreneurship in the aspect of developments such as this one and more funding is necessary for these types of research. I believe Turkey is a big candidate for manufacturing technology instead of textile and marble only. I see Turkey in a much different spotlight in terms of technology 20 years from now. I live in USA but I have never seen consumers adapt to technology and demand more such as the Turkish consumers. This surely will yield much productive developments in the future.

  5. Bora |

    I am Turkish Canadian, living in Canada. I was very excited when I open the package coming from Amazon to see my Kindle in December 2009, however after two weeks I returned the product with a great dissatisfaction.

    1. There was no Canadian content, only one newspaper was available,

    2. There was no access to any of 5000 blogs advertised by Amazon,

    3. Web rowser was limited to wikipedia site only

    4. Many books available to US consumer was not available to Canada

    5. Many periodics such as Harper’s New Yorker and Economist was not available to subscribe

    6. Battery life was half of what was advertised.

    7. Some of features was not available for all books. (such as talk to me, highligting, bookmarking)

    8. It is not possible to share the book with someone else even if that person is your better half.

  6. Fevzi Karavelioglu |

    I want to send a few Kindles as gifts to my relatives in Turkey, but no such luck. Darn it, it would have made a great gift!

  7. Artun |

    I think Amazon does sees the potential of our market but unfortunately they are aware that we have a bad habit for hacking everything we see.. as for the kindle, its a great device but come on we already spend most of our days in front of a screen and reading a book is not you can do with a screen(i am aware of kindles screen technology and its great) its one of the few things thats left to do without a help of something technological.. I think it should stay that way as long as it could..(Just my opinion)

  8. Matt P |

    Kindle is not available to Turkey and to other major Muslim countries. The only countries with sizable Muslim populations that have access to the kindle and kindle books are Bosnia and Albania. I email this several times to Amazon but did not hear a response from them. In reaction, I bought a Nook, which buys from Barnes and Noble and from other sources. There is also a Turkish company, idefix, that sells Turkish ebooks and Nook works with it but Kindle would not. With Nook, you can change the battery yourself, with kindle you have to ship it to amazon. this would be a problem for overseas customers. Nook is much better than Kindle every single way. Sony reader would be good, too. Also check the new Kobo reader from Borders which will be very inexpensive. Don’t buy a reader that does not read epub and does not let you change the battery yourself.

    • David M. Anderson |

      I am in the U.S. and agree that the Barnes and Noble Nook is a much better e-reader than the Kindle. (I also consider B&N a better company in a lot of ways.) It supports more and better formats, among other things.
      On the other hand, it also is very U.S.-focused, even more than Kindle, I fear. As I understand it, you need an American bank account to buy books from B&N. But otherwise you can use the Nook anywhere and, as Matt notes, books are available from other sources.
      My Nook is the Simple Touch, which is just a book reader. It is Wifi-only, not 3G, but that’s fine in my experience–there are plenty of hotspots around, and one doesn’t need connectivity all that often. For the Nook Tablet, which is comparable to the Fire (though faster and with more memory, etc.), where one wants Internet connectivity most of the time, a lack of 3G (or 4G) would be more of a problem. The screen on the Tablet, as well as that on the Kindle Fire, is color, not monochrome, by the way.

  9. Turgan Savaş |

    I own a kindle 2 purchased in the USA. ever since I had it instead of an ignorance what I rather feel from Amazon is hostility. At first I could at least access Amazon kindle pages, browse for books, and even purchase and load them via USB link. Then I could only browse them even though they weren’t available for purchase. Now I cant even access any content or see what content is new for US users.

    And when I look at the list of 100 countries, and see no Turkey, I guess I have every reason to look for an ill intention here. Turkey is in the top 30 for any list you can imagine in the world… good or bad!

  10. Claire |

    If it’s a product that needs to be sent, probably one of the reasons is that many companies feel they cannot trust the Turkish postal system. I have just received a reply to my email to a major high street store in the UK. It says the same thing at least four other clothing companies have told me – they cannot be sure that parcels will get to customers. The company which just wrote to me actually used to send to Turkey but had so many instances of customers not receiving their goods that they had to stop offering delivery. On a personal note, numerous letters and postcards sent over the last few years haven’t reached me.

  11. Emin |

    Dear Claire, this is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard. I have bought things from other countries without problems for years, including There are limits on what you can import which is 150 Euros. If their customers had better known these limits and buy accordingly, they would have had no problems as long as they provide necessary paperwork with the parcels. Those idiots think they are too cool to ship to Turkey, so leave them alone, buy from better sellers. As a side note, some postal offices missend their parcels. For example, once my parcel was missent to Taiwan and then I got it 5 months later. Insist on tracking numbers whereever possible. Turkish postal office’s tracking system works fine.

    • Sreeparna Banerjee |

      Nothing to do with the Kindle (although would love to use one in Ankara where I live) but I havent received parcels from my family in the UK several times. They were gifts, so no question of the 150 euro limit.

  12. Susan Ling |

    Is this Kindle issue now partly resolved ?

    I have recently bought a generation 3 Kindle, but have yet to visit Turkey.

    My understanding is that I will be able to download books using its wi-fi service.

    (Somewhere I saw some maps which showed that I should get a stronger signal where I am in Turkey than where I live in the UK).

    However, it doesnt look as if you can purchase a Kindle within Turkey.

  13. Funda Bak |

    I wrote to Amazon about the Kindle restriction to Turkey. I have quoted their response below. However, it is very disappointing as I agree with the previous statements, that Turkey is one of the countries who has a high demand on electronic devices and software. Many people had a mobile phone while some other (even European) countries were limping behind us.Besides, my reason of interest on the kindle was the opportunity to purchase books within minutes instead of waiting for a shipment.Although the device is definitely not one of the top’s in regards to its features (it could just got a satisfactory on believe it’s a loss for Amazon to loose such a huge market like Turkey. Finally I want to disagree about the shipments not reaching Turkey. I am constantly purchasing items from all over the world and have never had faced a problem before.
    Hello, I’m sorry for any misunderstanding. Regarding International Kindle contents : Publishers grant eBook rights on a country by country basis, as a result availability and pricing of titles in the Kindle Store can vary by your home country or region. We are actively working with publishers to get the rights to all titles for every country and adding more selection every day. You’ll also find helpful information on our “Using Kindle If You Live Outside the United States” Help page You’ll not be able to purchase the international books on to kindle. Kindle and Kindle content can only be purchased from and, and is not available from any of our other international websites. You have direct access to the Kindle Store on and from your Kindle through the built-in Whispernet feature. This allows you to purchase your Kindle books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs directly from Kindle using Amazon 1-Click. Just select “Shop in Kindle Store” from Kindle’s Home menu when Kindle’s wireless connection is active. Inside the Kindle Store, you’ll be able to browse by category or search for specific titles. Please see the Help pages or the User’s Guide for your Kindle for more information. You’ll find both in our Kindle Support pages

  14. Keen Observer |

    I’m a little confused about something. If one already has a kindle, say the latest 3rd generation 3G/WiFi for example and travels to Turkey. Can one not purchase/download/read English language books (from an already opened amazon account) on the kindle?
    I thought that as long as you have 3G/WiFi connection you can purchase/download/read from anywhere in the world. Please see this Amazon wireless coverage world map:

  15. sina |

    i live in iran. Because of UN sanctions laws against of iran, it’s impossible to use international credit card to buy. so our hopes restricted just to turkey. it’s 2 year that i wait amazon add kindle to turkey shipping but i see it takes long time. it’s hard for us but amazon can’t understand.

  16. Evren |

    I’ve had Kindle 3G for one year now. I bought that when I was in UK. I used its 3G function in UK, Brazil and Turkey. I didnot encounter any problem buying books through 3G access with one click in any of these countries including my own country Turkey (only 6 months ago for brief period of time Amazon didnot allow me to buy kindle material because I was in turkey, but since then I didnt get any trouble buying books online). I even used its browser quite conveniently everywhere.
    By the way, I am 35 years old Turkish guy, and since I have known myself, we have had strict copyright rules in place. Only, the audit authorithy is not as vigilant as that of US.

  17. Nahla |

    I agree with you Evren. I live in the US, but my aunt’s visiting from North Cyprus. Since she bought it here in the US, and will register it, etc., the 3G coverage shows Turkey and North Cyprus covered, but the funny thing is that the South side, the actual labeled “Cyprus” where Amazon lets you purchase Kindle online and will even ship it to you there, does not show any 3G coverage at all. Haha! I figure she can drive to the South side if for some reason she’s having issues in the North.

  18. Brian |

    Would you believe Susan, I actually bought a Kindle fire from in Istanbul. Go to website search and type in Kindle. You can buy online or in the store,(I got mine in the Profilo centre store, near Trump Towers) but you should call the store first to make sure it is in stock. They had about 5 in stock when I was there. Better still it has a 2 year guarantee (legal requirement in Turkey) rather than the standard 1 year. But here the problems start. You cannot download books or apps. But I do have lots of books on my Kindle by other means. For example you can download free out of copyright books from Project Gutenberg and other free sites..and I suppose there are other ways too..but I prefer to go take the legal route only.!

  19. Utku |

    I’m planning to go to Europe (Germany) for a couple of weeks, and I’m planning to order an Amazon Kindle paperwhite to my address there.

    Can some kind soul please inform me whether or not it is possible to buy books via my kindle when I am in TURKEY?

    Thanks in advance.

    • fidelity |

      you can, all you have to do is register your product to amazon once you buy it with your account and you can buy books whenever you are online. i know that in some regions you can also use free internet if your kindle have 3g, no fee.

  20. fidelity |

    well, to be honest, it is a problem for turkey. we are able to get kindle somehow but the prices are 2 times greater than it is on sony e-book readers are problematic, kobo and nook is not available on the market, the only readily available reader with e-ink technology other than kindle with astronomic prices are some brand called reeder. i am sure you didn’t even hear of it. and it sucks.

    shipping costs too much. we should be paying tax for 75-300€ price range, if price is higher we should also hire a tax officer and pay for him as well. so, only option is trying to find a site with a low shipping fee and paying at most 300€ (preferably under 75€). but you are right. it should be a problem for amazon too, since, they would be the one profitting from this demand if they were playing smart enough.

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