Ideshot Renewed Its Deign and Features With Its New Version

ideshot_logoLaunched in closed beta in December 2008, and enables its users to offer their suggestions to leading brand names, ideshot has put its new design and features into use as of today.

The initiative is almost one year old and has agreed with significant brand names in the meantime which include NokiaRixosKanyonBilyonerMigros Sanal MarketWagamamaIstanbul Cevahir.

Ideshot forms a bridge between brand names and their customers, and until today, some brands put of the suggestions that users sent over ideshot for brand names into use. Even, ideshot has opened a new section for the suggestions that have been realized. On this page, picture menus realized by Wagamama caught our attention among many others.

With its new version, ideshot has also a main page that consists of contents now. The old version that had been online since the first day the service was launched did not have a main page. In addition, the system has  member profile pages open to everyone and exclusive brand name pages included with the new version (e.g.: Bilyoner).


Ideshot’s new version has another feature that is very precious in my opinion. Until today, suggestions could be sent only to the brand names that were on the system, but now, users can send their suggestions to out-of-the-system brand names, too. I find this change quite appropriate, since it helps the service reach a large audience, and meets the aim of the service better.

The changes I mentioned in this article are the ones that caught my attention and I found important. Besides those changes, ideshot is almost completely renewed and many other new features and arrangements.

In Turkey, there are not many initiatives on this field, and I find ideshot very successful in this respect. I recommend you check ideshot out and send your suggestions to your fav brands.

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