StudentSN’s Micro Payment Solution and Social Responsibility Project

ssn-logoStudentSN (Student Social Network) is a student based social network site as we have mentioned in our article before. Funded at $500 thousand from Germany last year, StudentSN is attaching more importance to Turkey now.

studentSN has some alternative products such as SMS delivery, mobile content (downloading games, ringing tones to mobile phones) and distant education and its earnings model is to sell these products with Top-Up cards. These cards were only available in school canteens until now.

According to a new agreement, Top-Up cards will be put up for sale in 4000 PTT (Turkish Post) branches. For now, using Top-Up micro payments cards shopping can be done over studentSN, members/students can buy e-documents, send SMS and download games to their mobile phones. Top-Up micro payment cards will be used only on studentSN for the beginning, and then will be open to use on the other sites as well.

Micro payment is crucial for ecommerce, especially when we consider how much little amounts increase the cost of the product when buying with credit cards or money order, and even most of the time, the product costs higher than its original value, we can understand its importance for ecommerce better. Those who do not have a bank account, credit card or refrain from using their credits cards for online shopping, can use Top-Up cards without worrying.

TopUp Card- Klein

As Top-Up prepayment cards are first used on studentSN by its members, who are students, thus young population that use the Internet, the changes that micro payment cards will be accepted in Turkey are high.

With this agreement, students will be able to reach hundreds of thousands of sources that they can make use of for their essays and theses and download them from studentSN library as e-documents for little amounts. In addition, they will be able to offer their own documents that can be used as sources like lesson notes, theses to other students and make money by doing so. studentSN has documents that can be purchased for 1-10 TRY, as well as free documents to offer students.

The establishment, which has the largest sales network in Turkey, PTT will address a young population by adding micro payment card to its product range. This young population is almost 10 million, meaning this population consists of 14 percent of total Turkish population. The customers that go to PTT branches to buy micro payment cards today, will be businesspersons of tomorrow, who will work with, get credit cards, or insurances from PTT.

One of the most well-established and important government entities of Turkey, PTT has offered the micro payment product of an Internet project, which can be interpreted as it believes in and supports Internet projects. I believe that this is an important development for Turkey.

The earnings from the sales of first 1000 cards will be donated to a Social Responsibility Project. Webrazzi and social network users will decide which of these would be the social responsibility project. As a Webrazzi reader which social responsibility project would you like have donation?

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