Bravoo Is Closing!

Update: One of the employees of the company sent Webrazzi exclusive information about the issue. You can read the e-mail that we received on the closing of Bravoo on our new post.

Bravoo was launched about a year ago, and today, faxed its customers announcing that it is closing. Upon Omer Enis Sen informed  Webrazzi and shared the fax that was scanned on FriendFeed, we were informed of the written statement, which said that global financial crisis affected the efficiency and profitability of the company adversely, therefore they decided to close to company as a result of reconsidering business plans of the company.

It is sad that the company that was partnered by Dogan Pub. Holding and SEAT Pagine Gialle is closing without even completing its first year. Closing of Bravoo, one of the few initiatives focused on SEMs, shocked us when it could be very successful.


It is also worrying that, financial crisis was shown as the reason to why Bravoo is closed, when the worst days of crisis is over now. We believe that Bravoo deserved a long-running chance, and that it could continue with its domain name, system and brand name and at least with a smaller staff.

We will be sharing any information on the issue we get from Bravoo with you in the coming days.

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