In-Depth Analysis on Twitter – 3: Social Media, Twitter and Result!

In the first article of Twitter series, we shared the information on who used Twitter, then its periodical and regional use and made an evaluation on this information. Let’s have a look at the relationship between social media and Twitter, make a final comment  and have your opinions.


The Relationship Between Twitter and iPhone:
The most consistent followers of mobile Internet on multimedia are without doubt iPhone owners. The majority of iPhone owners who are Twitter fans are again located in the US. Having the opportunity to meet both iPhone and Twitter first, Americans reflect the result of this relationship to the graphics and British, German and Canadian users follow them. It is also catchy that Germany, which has the sixth largest population using Twitter like Twitter with iPhone more than other countries.

Keywords in Social Media Marketers’ Profiles:
Another issue that we may want to know about Twitter is that which topic are most common in the sense of social media. The answer to this question focuses on the keywords you would guess: marketing, web, PR, consultancy etc…

Social Media Marketers Using Twitter:
According to the analysis, 15 percent of Twitter users who follow more than 2000 people  identify themselves as social media marketers. 78% of these people have more than 20 followers. As well, 35% of social media marketers Tweet more than once a day, compared with 15% for the overall Twitter population. 4.3% of social media marketers update their status more than nine times a day, (for overall 0.17%). In short, social media marketers are much more social compared to overall population on Twitter.

Social Media Marketers Follow Rate:
Followers-following rate of social media marketers are parallel to each other as below:

While 9.23 % of social media marketers follow more than 500 users, 10.7% follow more than 1000 users, and 10% of them have more than 500 followers, while 11.8% have more than 1,000 followers.

To evaluate the results of all the analysis roughly, the big population Twitter has caught is not as active as the populations on social networks, but it is used in a more efficient way and the applications developed around it are so strong that they can create their own traffic. At this point, it is required to give importance to the services that are built on Twitter as at least Twitter itself. I guess that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that social media gets attention as being one of the most important interaction tools of Twitter. Smart use of microblogging services In terms of offering fast and easy communication creates the perfect combination for digital marketing, and the faster wins.

I see a more passive picture when I think all these ideas for Turkey. I do not know if Google Wave and the services on microblogging emerging in Turkey will make us Twitter regulars in time. But for now, I am convinced that local works on Twitter will not be very efficient.

* If you’d like to look at the original copy of Sysomos study that it has analyzed 11.5 million Twitter users, you can view it here in details or download its pdf version here .

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