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en-ucuz-kitapWe have made news about prices comparison sites on before. The common feature of the price comparison sites that we have examined so far was that they had electronic devices at hand mostly, but you could find any kind of products on those web sites.

The difference of EnUcuzKitap (in Turkish, the cheapest books) is that it offers service in a niche field, and provides its customers with price information that it collects from online bookstores. In Turkey, reading is not a common hobby, but with EnUcuzKitap, people might abandon their same old excuse that the books are “expensive” and gain reading habit more. has a very plain homepage where it has book search option, bestsellers, new releases and books on sale and its sub pages have a plain outlook.


In Turkey, ecommerce is trying to get to a certain level and focusing on a specific field and choosing only book sale by focusing on price comparison creates a niche market for

The site is just out of alpha state and working in beta right now. For now, all of its pages are running; however, I think that it should be improved as functionality and design. If the service expands its supplier network and has more stores, and has a wider range of books, it can lead in its own field and be successful.

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