An Interactive Experiment for Internet and Tech Fans!

deney 7 microsoftWhile share of digital agencies in advertising and media is growing each day, Microsoft‘s favorite Windows 7‘s launch has started with an interactive experiment. This interactive launch, which you can hear through various channels, is a well-designed game consisting of a number of steps, but its content is a lot different from the games you have seen so far.

Let me explain the details of the contest that I believe will resound in technology and Internet world. In the first part of the contest, 20 people will be selected out of tech fans that have introduced themselves on by a special jury with the help of supporters. Out of these 20 participants, 2 permanent and 2 temporary finalists will be chosen as a result of a second jury evaluation. The real thing (experiment) will begin after that. Two finalists of Deney7 Contest will live alone in special cabinets that have cam recorders working all the time for 7 days, and their live images will be broadcasted on 7/24.

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Through this most important process of the game, contestants will be professionally supported continuously. They will try to complete one big or several small duties with the help of their supporters and their own talents everyday throughout seven days and will get points for the duties they complete. The duties will be announced on the contest web site and finalists will learn about their duties on this address.

The contest will end on October 22 and first prize is 20 thousand TRY. Besides the two finalists, their supporters will also be able to get various prizes.  This contest, hosted by Microsoft, which has been caring for Windows 7 since the first day it launched, and keeping its distribution channels large, will certainly attract the attention.

Those who want to be famous in the name of tech and Internet should not miss this contest! I am waiting to see the finalists! If you think you can be one of the finalists, and be on Webrazzi, here you go.

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