Interview: Nurettin Ozdogan on KariyerGENC

kariyergençKariyerGENC is an initiative that was brought to life to support newly graduated or still studying young people in their career development as we have mentioned before. The company’s aim is to build a bridge between young talents and companies. They work with almost 90 worldly known and leader Turkish companies, some of whose are Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Ericsson, Sabanci Holding Company, IKEA and INGBank. Three entrepreneurs started this initiative with the support of Sina Afra and Akinon in April. I had a talk with KariyerGENC General Manager Nurettin Ozdogan about the last five months’ developments.

Hasan: Hello Nurettin. It has been five months since KariyerGENC started to be online. How did you make use of these five months? What kind of reforms have you brought to life?

Nurettin: Five months is a long time for an Internet initiative. We think we have made use of these five months well. Especially the brand awareness of KariyerGENC among companies and youngsters are increasing. The term “orange tie”, representing university students and fresh graduates, has already started to be a commonly used term. Besides, we are doing technological innovations all the time. Apart from “make a CV and apply for job” ritual, we are becoming a platform for the user to manage his career. This makes the user attach to the system more. We are making improvements to satisfy our users further. We are also active on the offline side of the business and feed KariyerGENC offline as well. As a matter of course, we have collaborations with many organizations from university clubs to career centers, from different student communities to academicians.

Hasan: What are the differences between KariyerGENC and the other career websites, other than it addresses to young people?

Nurettin: As you have mentioned, companies or students do not get lost in the masses in KariyerGENC. KariyerGENC does not work like the other websites that only say, “Save your CV and apply to the job ad”. On this platform, young people can get to know the company or the area of work s/he would like to work in, he can build his CV in PDF format, he can follow his area special activities form his user page; he can build his career along with applying for jobs. This is only one of our purposes.


Hasan: How many youngsters sign up to your system daily? What affects their choice?

Nurettin: We have been online since April. Some companies’ hiring period is just ending. What we know is that in a short period of time many youngsters have found part-time, seasonal, internship and new graduate jobs thanks to KariyerGENC. In addition to this, although we came to life just in April, the number of our members is increasing incrementally. To name a number around 1000-1500 CVs subscribe daily. We are happy to see this number increasing every day. This increase in CV submissions is thanks to mouth advertising of youngsters and our Orange Tie membership system. Our partners have inspired us upon seeing the success of Markafoni’s membership system. In addition, eighty-six well-known companies in Turkey and the world use KariyerGENC services.

We are very happy with the progress KariyerGENC shows. Especially having a Turkish Internet initiative become popular among university students and fresh graduates so fast makes us extremely happy. We receive messages from Bosnia-Herzegovina asking us to send them Orange Ties. Not only in Turkey but also in the world, many career portals follow our new features and developments.

Hasan: What are your plans for the future? What are you planning to do in the long term?

Nurettin: We will develop products that will add value both to our users and to the companies that have purchased services from KariyerGENC. This is a plan that requires us to think 24/7 and produce new ideas. We are a start-up that focuses on user satisfaction but it is never enough for us. We are continuing to make developments for the happiness of our users. We are developing business models that have no other examples in Turkey, for example, our last service is employer brandization pages we offer to companies. On KariyerGENC companies are able to open their own micro pages and publish their companies’ videos, articles, office images and announcements. The young people that apply for the job have a better idea about the company thanks to these services. The companies that apply these models in the world are not more than a dozen. Meaning, we are a very anxious team when it comes to developing new models.

Hasan: We are anxious to hear more about these developments as well. Thank you.

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