Two Successful Turkish Initiatives: and

Note: Burak Budak works in the Research Dept. of Hayal Ofisi, and this article of him has been published in Webrazzi as guest author.


I have examined two successful Turkish initiatives for Web site owners and users. The initiatives have things in common, as well as parts that are quiet distinct from each other. I believe these stabile works that fill the right gaps are very promising.

Launched under motto “Web Sites Encyclopedia”, aims to create a source for information about web sites. The team, which decided to do this like Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia, developed a system that its users can contribute to the site, by adding information about the websites they know and make comments about them, in addition to gathering info about many websites.

You can find much other information on the websites like Alexa and pagerank value, dmoz record, apart from the info that users add or edit. The website also has a scoring system that consists of numerical data it publishes and blends. has currently 373,218 registered websites and it is growing each day.


Click for page is doing studies to be the biggest Turkish directory as well as creating an encyclopedia. These studies are being carried out in the part called “Large Turkish Directory”. The directory part processes with tagging logic and is used for listing and categorizing websites.

When creating a wiki article about your site or contributing to a site, with the help of the labels you can indicate the site’s category and the site starts to be listed in the directory automatically.
For the sites to be in the right categories, the tags need to reflect the site accurately. The directory basically has “issues, people, regions, brands, products and services” categories at the moment. For example, when we view Arda Kutsal in People category, the sites he created or having information about him are listed. is a web directory that looks like a site information tracking website. It allows you track Alexa and PageRank values, while matching websites to each other and lets you discover brand-new websites. Moreover, the difference between this site and the other pagerank control sites is that it has a tracking system.

Tracking system is a tool that monitors pagerank and alexa values of websites. So, when you make a search to learn about pagerank value, the system gives you history and current information of pagerank and alexa, making it easier to monitor value changes of websites. It lets you create a tracking list when you sign up. You can add sites whose values you want to learn to your tracking list and view their new values at a time in the following updates, so it enables easy follow-ups.

Another feature of is that it stores each site you search in its memory. This way, even if you have not signed up to the site, when you search a website that has been queried before, you can view the history of its pagerank and alexa values.


Click for page

When you do a site search, you can also tag and identify the site you search by tags. Tagging system is editorial approved, so it increases the accuracy of tagging, and the site has a qualified tag cloud. This tagging system allows you to make search among all the sites that were tagged earlier, and sort them by their alexa or pagerank values.
By the way, is available in 10 languages including Turkish.

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