Got Webrazzi While Seeking The Most Talented PHP Coders!

Today and throughout this week, when you entered Webrazzi, you’ll see ads of, founded by Emre Sokullu, that the company is looking for the most talented PHP coders in Turkey in many ad sections. To expand the team has started to take action and the company will hire system administrators and interns for various positions as well as software developers. will give an online test to those who want to make application to Platform Engineer and Internal Tools Developer positions. To see open positions, click you.

We wish success to, which is the first user of Webrazzi’s new ad option in the recruitment process and appreciate for the support they have given us.

About Webrazzi “Multi-Ad”:

It is model based on constant display of the ads on, to be placed on fields on the top of the page that are 728*90, on fields to right below the first article that are 300*250 and fields in the right column that are 160*600.

For the advertising model that we offer according to availability of the ad fields. pricing is daily 250$ + VAT

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