limango’s New Design and Up-to-date Shopping Statistics

limango-logoAs of today, limango, which provides Private Shopping service, has a new design. According to the announcement the company made on its blog today, some new features has been added to this service as well as the known system update.

Although we have not yet found a word-to-word translation for the concept in Turkish, a Germany based Otto Group company called limango started using the term “Private Shopping” and used “I love Private Shopping” motto in its new design.

Making comments about the design is the job of the professionals and I would rather leave that to them other then blabbering about it here myself.  As a user, I have to admit that I like the changes that have been made to it.


I feel that limango has given enough importance to little details in terms of usability and its new color options are something that drew my attention. This feature allows users to change the color of the website as s/he wishes and colors that are offered to users are trendy colors of 2009.


If you are a limango user, you will experience the new design yourself, so I will skip that and tell about a new feature that comes with this design.

When your friends you have invited to the system make purchase, limango offers you a 10 TRY gift check as you know. As the new web site has been broadcasted, you will be able to send the gift check to a friend as well. This means you can send that 10 TRY you make by inviting me to the system and my buying activity to other friends and let them spend it.

At this point I would like mention some figures about limango that were also shared in Webrazzi. I think these figures and facts will be useful in terms of getting to know ecommerce and especially private shopping concept’s trend in Turkey.

There are 120.000 users in limango at present. Based on the shopping activities between May and August, users tend to buy between 10 am and 12 pm mostly. Users shop before stocks finish after getting their e-bulletins in the morning, this is why it is very normal.


So far users from 78 cities in Turkey have done shopping on Limango. Top 5 cities with the most shopping done made 84% of the total orders. The purchases from these cities also compose 83% of the total turnover. These cities are Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Bursa.


The products Limango users preferred to buy between May and August are personal care products. Textile, shoes and glasses follow these products in this category.

We like limango’s new design a lot, and I believe that these data provide insight into what levels ecommerce reached in Turkey. A majority of people who read this article must have asked the question “who would buy a personal care product online?” a year ago. When it comes to shoes and sunglasses, add even more people to this majority. You know what they say, “It takes one to know one”, and so this is a confession from me.

UPDATE: If you would like to join limango with invitation, you can use re-activated Webrazzi invitations.

P.S.: webrazzi’s limango invitations does not come with “10 TRY gift checks” for us. These are exclusive gifts designed only for “special” Webrazzi readers. This was brought up in previous articles, so I wanted to clarify it.

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