In-Depth Analysis on Twitter– 2: When and Where is Twitter Popular?

twitter_birdOn the first article of in-depth analysis on Twitter series, I shared some statistical information on who uses Twitter and how they use it, now you will find info on Twitter usage based on time and area that caught attention on the same study below. With Google Wave starting to become prominent these days, and micro blogging services getting closer to Real Time  Search and services to be designed location-based will probably bring out the most popular initiatives of the coming period.

Another statistics showing the activity of Twitter users is about recent tweet posts. According to this statistics, almost half of users having Twitter account do not post a new tweet in the last week. 37% of the users update their Tweet status every day.

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tweet analiz

Twitter Activity By Day:

According to the research, Tuesday and Wednesday are the most popular days for Twitter activity, accounting for almost 32% of total activity. Once Monday syndrome is over, the number of tweets climbs, reaching to the highest level of the week. The least popular days are off-days, Saturday and Sunday.
Twitter Activity By Time of the Day:

All day live, Tweets start to climb up at around 6 am, and most activity happens during the middle of the day. The number of Tweet updates decrease in the afternoon, increases slightly between 8-11 pm and towards the morning, it decreases significantly.
Tweets from Web:
Creating its own industry, Twitter’s user activity is 55% via its own address. TweetDeck is the second most popular web publishing tool with 19.7% market share, and followed by Twitterfeed,TwitterFox and Twhirl.

Tweets from Mobile Phones:
Twitter usage in mobile environment draws a more colorful picture. Top mobile publishing tools are Twitterfone and Tweetie. Besides mobile web, UberTwitter TwitterBerry have also important usage shares ‘de while I wonder why Twitter’s own mobile page doesn’t have bigger shares.

Country Based Activity:
We cannot see Turkey in top 10 cities using Twitter. US is the top country with population using Twitter, with the biggest share of 62,14%, which is followed by UK with 7,87% share, and Canada with 5,69% share.

City Based Activity:
US with its biggest share catches attention among top Twitter countries. New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and San Francisco have the largest number of Twitter lovers. The last two cities having the least Twitter users are Paris and London. While Turkey is not among the top 10 countries, Istanbul doesn’t also have place among Twitter fan cities.

The statistics on Twitter‘s popularity based on time and places reveal that micro blogging is not popular in Turkey.  It seems that, our people, who do everything on the Internet in  social networks and online messaging, cannot express themselves in 140 characters.

On the last part of my analysis, we will have a brief look on Twitter- iPhone relation social media. I will be ask you to share your comments on Twitter as well.

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