Aydin Senkut’s Investments Under One Roof: VentureBeat Acquires TradeVibes!

vb-tv1Webrazzi readers know about CrunchbaseTechCrunch‘s directory for people and companies in tech industry. But you may not be well informed of TradeVibes, which works like Crunchbase but it is more focused on acquisitions and ventures deals. Leading blogs of the industry like Mashable and ReadWriteWeb use TradeVibes data.

As we have learned today, VentureBeat, one of the most influential blogs of US, has purchased TradeVibes and has rebranded it as VentureBeatProfiles.

About 1,5 years ago, in February 2008, VentureBeat got $320.000 investment from a group of business angels including Aydin Senkut, an ex-Google Senior Manager and Turkish angel investor in Silicon Valley. Similarly, in March 2008, TradeVibes got $900.000 investment from a group including Felicis Ventures, founded by Aydin Senkut.

It seems that, the important information sources of the industry got together under the same roof with while creating the right synergy with the right partnerships and investors. For those who want to know, we do not yet know the figure of the acquisition of TradeVibes by VentureBeat.

I believe that there should be some consideration on the partnership of VentureBeat and TradeVibes since it is an important point that the blogs have reached and that the industry should pay attention about.

On the other hand, there are no players other than SitelerHakkinda.com in Turkey, which does nearly the same business. If you ask about Webrazzi, we are continuing to work on a model which is expanded and includes business network features.

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