Last.Fm and MySpace Banned in Turkey

Access to MySpace and is banned by Turkish court. We are currently not fully informed about the reason of the ban, but it may be due to music copyright violations. And again, this ban may be a consequence of a case filed by Turkish Union of Music Producers (MÜYAP) in order to protect music rights.

Turkish internet users can still reach both sites via OpenDNS. Also, you can reach by changing language settings to English, since the ban on is over the address and only users with Turkish language selection are redirected.

Just to remind, YouTube is banned in Turkey for over a year and the case hasn’t been able to be resolved between both parties since then.

We believe the “web site bans” have a big negative effect on Turkish economy while Turkey has 7th largest and most engaged online audience in Europe with its 27 million Internet users. As comScore stated in the report published in May 2009, internet users in Turkey spend more time online and consume more pages than users in other European countries.

We’ll be updating this post as we get more detailed information.

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