Would You Pay To Watch Movies Online?

superplay-online-televizyonWith the beginning of Live Stream era on the Internet, computers have started to replace TVs and online broadcasting has become more appealing. Examples like Ustream.tv,Current tv and Justin.tv have been globally recognized and here in Turkey we have seen cases that involved Blogger.com’s closure. Before the amendments to violation of copyrights on the Internet, Superonline has made it possible to watch games live and official through Lig Tv with its service Superplay released on August 10.

Superonline, which has developed its own fiber infrastructure and offers wide band Internet services, mentioned that Superonline Fiber Internet subscribers with 100Mbite Internet connection could make use of this service.


After this first serious online broadcasting attempt, Superonline is now offering the service of watching movies online. This new development will benefit Fiber subscribers as well as Superonline ADSL subscribers. Just like Amazon Video Demand service, this application offers one can watch the movie s/he prefers in exchange for paying a small fee.


It is noted that the broadcasts are offered at DVD quality and users will not need to download the movie. Superonline has already made an agreement with Warner Bros concerning the movies it will broadcast and is also after other interviews. You can get detailed info at Superplay’s webpage.

On the other hand, we are also aware that there are movie storages on torrents and millions of movie lovers enjoy watching movies free by sharing. Expensive DVD and movie tickets caused this organized sharing. Can we stop this? Can the possible harsh punishments, which 5856-numbered legislation that will be amended / will might bring, deter users from sharing?

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