Why Does Facebook Access to Our Emails?

facebook-emailNever losing its popularity, Facebook does not wish its users to decrease their activities due to micro blogging applications like Twitter and it seems that these days it is focused on enabling its users share content and their personal information more actively.

Recently, Facebook has made a small survey inquiring about how the privacy of users’ sharing should be. I am not sure if Facebook considered the fact that Myspace will give @myspace emails to its users this week, but it announced a few days ago that from now on it would be possible via email on Facebook. Now, it is possible to share your links on your Facebook profile with a personalized email address that you can get on Facebook’s mobile page. Of course, you can continue to share via your mobile device with MMS and various applications. So, while its inside traffic is high, why did Facebook choose this way?

Having probably the biggest picture video archive of the world, this feature of Facebook is in fact the return of a previous survey. According to the AddToAny-led survey, Facebook is the biggest (24%) tool for sharing links now, and aims to get email sharing, which is just behind it (11%). Continuing its incredible rise, Twitter has managed to be the 3. in this field (10.8%) and may come 2. any time!


Another poll done in parallel with this research shows a finding which is in favor of email, putting forth that 30% of the participants stated that they share links via email, 20% use Facebook and 9% share links over Twitter.

Sharing links over emails, which old school email groups continue to do traditionally, is trying to be kept alive with new services. One of the best examples to these services is FaceNutshellmail, which brings all the sharings done over social networks and email accounts together under one umbrella. Enabling sharing and time management done in parallel to each other, Nutshellmail provides various facilities and in fact, underlines the significance of email sharing for interaction mostly. In addition to this, within online sharing network, there some services that open email sharings done over a specific group to public. In the light of this information, we can infer that Facebook has chosen the right path, and will do its best to try every way to satisfy its user crowd of 250m.

Lastly, I consider it useful to mention a detail concerning Facebook for those who haven’t heard. From now on, you can change your Facebook user names via account management. Besides, it is possible to get user names for new accounts you get on June, 13. Those who want to take action immediately can go on here .

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