Who Are Buying iPhone 3GS Today?

apple-iphone-3gsOn the last working day of August, two important products are coming onto the market. We are going to meet long awaited iPhone 3GS, which first Vodafone, and then Turkcell have announced that they will offer to their subscribers. Moreover, Apple’s new operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard is coming onto the market today.

We have entered into 3G world as of July 30, and while the users are trying to make the best use of it, the two operators are offering the most powerful two members of iPhone market, which Turkcell has sold 150.000 of, for sale today.

It was announced that in eight countries 1 million iPhone 3GS were sold in 3 days. In Turkey, Turkcell had made its price tariff public.

Turkcell subscribers can have 16 GB version of iPhone 3GS with corporate package with 115TRY x 18months payment, 32 GB version with 130TL x 18 months payment, while they can have iPhone 3G 8 GB with its new price from  €599 without contract. The new iPhone can last for 30 hours listening to music, and 10 hours video watching, and has the same (5 hour) battery life as old iPhone using 3G Internet. The new iPhone also does video recording for 30fps, so let’s see what kind of complaints about battery life will be heard.

On the other hand, Apple’s next-generation operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard is meeting its users to today. The operating system can be upgraded by Mac OS X 10.5 and later users for $ 29, and will be provided free of charge for Mac users that purchase Mac after June 8. Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger users and those who own of earlier versions will be able to buy Snow Leopard at $170.

We hope to have your comments in the coming days with two innovations, but we would especially like to hear your opinion about iPhone 3GS.

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