WhiteLabelDating.com: The Easiest Way to Build Your Own Dating Site

whitelabeldating-logo1It will be correct to say that in the biggest turnovers in Turkish Internet market are made by dating sites, except some ecommerce web sites. This situation is not so different for the rest of the world either, but at least there is a wide range of companies that get big turnovers.

Under this circumstances, I believe that England based WhiteLabelDating.com’s business model will catch your attention.

The service offers dating software, membership database that consists of millions of registers, payment processing and any infrastructure that you need to build a dating website. All you have to do is create your own brand name and market it.

The system is based on 50% revenue share basis, which means, when you apply for business partnership, you just deal with the design arrangements, and you get included in the all ready system with all of its members. The more successful the brand name awareness is, the higher revenue you get.

Membership to the system and setup is free, and WhiteLabelDating.com undertakes all the operational work, including customer support.

You can review questions part here, after completing the signup form and the page appears saying the system is ready.


I find this model very successful, but have some doubts about how well it will work for Turkish entrepreneurs. Since we are not sure whether the site supports multi language, if it does, it is arguable how it can support Turkish users.

Nevertheless, the system seems to be a successful initiative in terms of its infrastucture if you are considering to build a global dating system in niche field. One should add that the management team of the company includes senior officials from important corporations as Match.com.

As far as I am concerned, there is not another service that provides brandable dating software with a similar structure in Turkey. I have never heard of any, but I can say that this initiative field can be very valuable for Turkey. For example, Magnet, which includes İstanbul.net, İzmir.net, and Ankara.net that supports local organizations, might apply this model. (What would Ersan Ozer think about it?)

If there’s a similar service in Turkey, or any of our readers have tried a similar global service like WhiteLabelDating.com or another, I would like you to leave your comments.

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