Webrazzi Focused on Blogging World: Blograzzi On Air!

Those who have been following Webrazzi for a long time will recall Blograzzi. In January 2009, I handed over Blograzzi, the most popular blog directory to my initiative partner Inveon and left the project. After this, I kept the domain name Blograzzi.com, and Inveon continued the project under the name Bloxoo . (Between us, the team continues its work very successfully.)

As of today, Blograzzi is on air with a completely new structure as a kind of “Webrazzi Focused on Blogging World”. You can think of Webrazzi, but this time, not about Internet sector, but concerning blogging world, bloggers and developments on this area.

We have made such a decision, since we believed that blogs, the biggest players of the social media, needed this concern and attention. I hope that we will achieve this goal by providing a great source for the bloggers, and enlightening the developments in this field.

The first sub-site of Webrazzi was Teknorazzi, followed by Webrazzi.TV. Today, we are expanding this network with Blograzzi. If you  want to know what our next step will be, I can say that we have our plans in hand, but will decide on the we know about the direction, but the course will determine the order of events.

To cut to the chase, Blograzzi is on air from now on, and will be getting stronger with new features in the coming days. I want to keep those features a secret for the time being, but I can say that we will release them before it’s too late.

If you’d like to read the first articles of Blograzzi, and follow Blograzzi, you can click here .

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