We are the Most Googling Country

google-turkiye-logoIt has been more than 3 years since Google launched its Turkey office and since then, the number of Turkish Internet users have increased by 50%.

Everybody knows that Google is superior in the search engine market.  Nevertheless, Steve Ballmer seems determined to challenge Google with the latest Microsoft-Yahoo search technologies deal, even though Microsoft’s new, challenging search engine Bing‘s performance is currently parallel compared to  Live Search.

Statistics and surveys give us a clue of this determinacy, while revealing the search engine tendencies in Turkey.

Let’s have a look at the statistics of search engines in earlier years before reviewing Google’s performance in Turkey.

google-arama-oranlariWhen we look at August performances of the last two years, it is obvious that Google holds the leadership by far. According to the reports, Google has done its job well, and raised its share from 89,98% to 90,77% from 2007 to 2008. If we add up Yahoo and Live Search’s shares belonging to this period, we get a percentage of 5,50 in 2007, while only 5,05 in 2008. In 2009, Google continues its steady rise, as we can see a climb in Yahoo and Live Search’s shares as well. We can’t see Chinese search engine Baidu in top ten, but Russian Yandex has managed to rank in top ten list.

google-2009-arama-oranlari1The results absolutely show diversity within national levels when we go into details. According to the results of a report that has just been announced, Turkey draws the attention as the country which Google leads the market by far. According to Advertising Age’s report, Google’s share in the US is 60%, while in Europe it is 75-80%

We cannot see China on the list, but we can say that Google hardly competes with Asian search engines in Japan and Korea. In Turkey, this rate is over 90% and hits the top.

According the report, Turkey is among the countries that Internet is developing and it is the country where most time is spent for instant messaging, even though Live Search seems ineffective against Google, which reminds us that somebody is called for duty.

According to the results of this research, Turkey spends the most time on the Internet compared to the other European countries. Considering this result, I would like to analyze this situation, but I cannot make an exact inference, since I am aware that there is a population who access web sites by typing the domain name into Google. Besides technical and market share analysis, I believe the best result we can deduct is that Turkish people like Google.

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