Useful Alternative To URL Abbreviation Services:

urlac-logoFrequent readers of Webrazzi know what kind of services I like the most. A few days ago, I heard about this kind of service. This little but useful service is called, kind of a service which we sometimes say, “why don’t we have something like this” and it keeps more than one addresses in one short link.

Let’s assume that, we are making a list like “Most Popular video Websites in Turkey”, and add,,, to the list as example. You can turn this list into a short address as, and the person you send this link to, can  visit  all of the websites.

Furthermore, you can statistically view how many people click your address lists the you create using

As there are global debates over what the business model of URL abbreviation services will be, I cannot estimate what kind of earning model these services will choose other than statistical data. However, I do believe that multiple address applications have a larger usage area than classical ones.


May these simple but useful services providing efficiency become important success stories one day? It seems difficult In Turkey but maybe in the remaining parts of the world. Also, one has to add that these service will be much easier to offer in foreign markets in terms of expanding globally, rather than large scaled initiatives.

I’m sure you have already thought of dozens of areas can be used, so I don’t need to name them. But I’d like to recommend you use, which I got extremely satisfied with a few trials, and am thinking of using the service for list type articles from now on. I believe that you will hold it in the corner of your mind as a beneficial service.

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